10 Quick Tips for Content Marketing

Feb 24, 2014 | Content Marketing

Content marketing

Content marketing is key to setting your business apart from the thousands competing for the eye of your target audience. Today, let’s look at ten quick tips to take your content marketing to the next level.

Offer Value

Don’t use content marketing just to sell your products or services. Instead, use it to drive viewers to your site by giving them something they’re interested in. Know your target audience’s desires. Perhaps it’s a free infographic, ebook, or article focusing on valuable industry information. Doing so will motivate potential leads to investigate what else you have to offer—bringing them to your website and increasing their chances of becoming customers.

Become a Resource

By solving the problems of your target audience, you become an important resource for them. They will turn to you as a trusted source of answers within the industry. This also builds your credibility and trust with customers.

Use Social Media

Social media is a powerhouse when it comes to spreading content. Promote your content via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other relevant sites. This not only helps you reach your followers, but also increases your chances of gaining a larger audience when you appear in their networks.


Blogs are a great way to provide quality content while boosting your SEO. To make your blogs effective, post consistently and frequently—at least three times a week. And don’t forget to share your posts on social media.

Use Images

Content marketing isn’t limited to written work. Use videos, photos, and graphics to not only catch your customer’s eye, but to provide valuable information in a different format. Visuals are powerful and have become a great outlet to drive customers to your website.

Plan Your Content

Take a look at sales seasons, promotions, and events throughout the year. Plan to publish according to these occasions. For example, write about upcoming holidays, pop culture events like awards season and the Olympics, or a company anniversary. Also, leave room to create content as breaking industry news occurs. This will help you gain authority in your market.

Work as a Team

It’s important to brainstorm and keep tabs on what others are writing. Generating effective content takes teamwork and planning. By collaborating often, you’ll also decrease the risk of duplicating topics.

Be SEO-Friendly

Use keywords within your content to boost traffic to your website. However, be warned: do not create content solely for search engines. Instead, identify the questions or subjects your target audience searches for, and address them in your content. Creating quality content that your consumers want will bring them to your website naturally.

Measure Results

Use an analytics program to track the success of your content. Otherwise, you’ll have no idea if your content marketing strategy is bringing in real business. It’ll also help you pinpoint areas of improvement—or those that are working successfully.

Be Unique

Your strategies for content marketing should be unique, just like your company and brand. Publish material that reflects your business’ values and personality.

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