1000 LinkedIn Connections: Now What Do I Do?

Jan 11, 2014 | Communication, Goals, LinkedIn, Social Media, Technology

So, you are a LinkedIn power user. You spend a few hours each week on LinkedIn joining groups, reading articles, and adding new connections. If you are like me, you don’t just add contacts “willy-nilly.” You carefully consider who you add to avoid getting spammed. (I recommend only choosing people you’ve actually met or you’ve had a lot of interaction with in groups). So what do you do with all of those LinkedIn connections?

What you do next with these connections depends on your goals and reasons for being on LinkedIn.


If you are a marketer, these connections can be a powerful asset. More than likely, you have networked with these people for a reason. Whether they are friends, customers, or people you met at a trade show, you’re connected to them. If you have built good rapport with them, they have a reason to be interested in what you offer. Now don’t hear me saying that you should be marketing to your friends and connections, bombarding them or trying to “guilt” them into buying your product. I’m not saying that at all. What I am saying is that the people you are linked to probably share a common interest with the service or product you offer. Doing this properly results in your product being presented to the right people at the right time. You’ve built up your connections, don’t be afraid to ask.

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Job Hunting

When you look for a new job, where do you start? Do you ask your friends or family if they know of anyone who is hiring? If it is time for a new job, LinkedIn has shown to be a pretty good place to start. Just like other social media platforms, LinkedIn is an amped-up platform for word of mouth. It provides you with personal business connections. One of your LinkedIn connections may be hiring, or maybe one of their connections is hiring. This is the beauty of using LinkedIn for job searching.

Job Posting

Remember all of those people looking for employment? Businesses can reach out to them by advertising job openings on LinkedIn and targeting specific candidates. LinkedIn uses an algorithm to get your message in front of your target audience. You can even hire a headhunter to scour LinkedIn to find specific candidates for you. One of your thousands of connections may be your next hire.

Staying Connected

It is a good idea to use LinkedIn to simply stay connected with business colleagues. Use it to keep up with the latest news at their companies or their newest products, and congratulate them on successes.

LinkedIn is a powerful tool that you shouldn’t ignore. What other uses do you have for this platform? We always like to learn and stay connected with you!

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