12 Things to Know About 212 Media Studios

Feb 1, 2017 | 212 Articles, 212 Media Studios, Advertising, Brand, Marketing


You may know that we’re a creative marketing agency. You may also know that we help our clients grow revenue and brand awareness. Think you’ve got us all figured out?

Here are 12 things you may not know about 212 Media Studios:

1. We’re Committed to Your Market and Your Message

We don’t believe in blanket approaches. No two clients are the same, and no project can begin without thorough research. Who is your ideal customer? What makes him/her tick? We recognize that there is a person on the other side of your communications, someone who needs to hear a specific message in a specific way. Before we go live with your campaign, we make sure we understand what spurs your customer to action.

2. We are Partnership-Minded

At 212, every client relationship is a partnership. This is how we provide great service to our clients, giving them full use of all of the tools we offer. Our clients know that their needs will receive the focus and dedication they deserve. Learn more about the advantages of partnering with a small agency in this free eBook.

3. We are Data-Focused

We don’t rely on gut feelings or grand ideas. We track metrics for every campaign to learn exactly why tactics succeed or underperform. Analyzing this data ensures that each project engages its audience and contributes to sales.

4. We are Future-Minded

If modern technology has taught us anything, it’s that things change quickly. What worked in the past may not work in five years. At 212, we take time to understand marketing trends as well as each generation of consumers—including the impending rise of the Centennials.

5. Our Team Boasts Remarkable Experience 

At 212 Media Studios, we have decades of combined experience, including with major corporations like Verizon, Microsoft, and others. Our staff members are well trained, educated, and fully vetted to handle any marketing need you may have. Our leadership sets a standard of excellence with room for creativity, yielding successful campaigns.

6. We Handle Large-Scale Projects

Our project history may surprise you. 212 Media Studios has successfully carried out major projects for a wide range of industries, including healthcare, technology, agriculture, revenue cycle management, education, and non-profit. Many of our clients come from “niche markets” that require specific and powerful strategies in order to reach their audiences and drive sales. We’re proud to say that we’ve delivered successful, full-scale campaigns for such markets.

7. We Thrive at Inbound/Social Marketing

Inbound marketing tactics—such as email, social media, digital ad placement, and content creation—are powerful ways to engage your audience. We at 212 Media Studios are fully certified as inbound marketing specialists. Our track record has proven time and again that this approach is effective, if not vital, for any full campaign.

8. We Have Clients Across the Nation

We’re committed to our community and are proud to work with many local organizations. But, did you know that 212 Media Studios’ clients can be found all throughout America? We have partnered with countless companies in diverse industries across the U.S. No project is too big or small, and no market is out of reach.

9. We Offer High-End Graphic Design

First impressions can make or break a company’s reputation. Graphic design is a critical representation of any brand or marketing campaign. We are happy to be able to provide some of the best design in the industry, which we customize and cater to each client’s needs, no matter how large or small. View some of our work here.

10. We Provide Professional Video Services

In an age of self-made YouTube stars and tacky local commercials, high-quality videos stand out from the masses. We have completed professional videos for a variety of industries. From start to finish, our team is thorough every step of the way. We storyboard, script, shoot, edit, animate, add effects, and deliver a high-quality product you can be proud of. Using our end-to-end strategies, our custom-made videos have been proven to boost your clients’ marketing campaigns at large.

11. We Follow a Trusted Branding Formula

Our “brand equation” is the foundation of our marketing theory: story + marketing + reputation = brand. Each part plays a key role—and today’s consumers see every angle. We’re dedicated to improving and establishing our clients’ individual brands.

12. We Deliver Results

It’s what it all comes down to—results. Partnering with 212 Media Studios means you’re on your way to better brand equity, brand awareness, and increased sales. We don’t just drive leads; we drive results.

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