13 Ways to Change Your Business' Bad Luck

Mar 3, 2015 | 212 Media Studios, Marketing

One bad thing happened, then three more, then another five…and now stuff at work just plain sucks.

Despite your best efforts, your business is experiencing some “bad luck.” It’s not that you necessarily made a mistake or missed something—it’s just not going how it’s supposed to.

Dealing with this unanticipated misfortune can become your business’ greatest downfall unless handled with care. So, what do you do? Just bide your time and wait for this “season” to pass? Or, can you take a more active route?

(Side note: Maybe you’re not in this situation right now, but are inching toward it unknowingly. Proactively save these tips for a time when you experience some plain ole’ bad times.)

Try these 13 ways to break the chain of bad luck:

  1. Recognize that you’re normal. Life happens. You will experience hardship. But it’s what you do in the midst of it all that will either get you through or cause additional anxiety. You’re not alone, unique, or special when you experience adversity.
  1. Resist the blame game. You can’t always blame yourself (or others) for the difficulty you are muddling through. However, if it is someone’s fault, deal with him—then regroup as a company and move on. Rehashing what so-and-so did or didn’t do for days, weeks, and months on end doesn’t do any good. It can even weigh down your workplace’s culture, delaying getting out of the rut. If it’s your fault, take responsibility for your actions. If it’s an unforeseen circumstance (e.g. natural disaster), learn from it, prepare for it to happen again, and then move on.
  1. Reassure your employees. Your employees need to know that you are fighting for them even in the hard times. Put every effort toward establishing a secure culture/feel. That may mean you’re honest about where you are and what they can expect—or it may mean you keep things as “normal” as possible while establishing a game plan and new goals.
  1. Circle the wagons. Your employees take their cues from you, which trickles into how they interact with clients. Customer satisfaction directly influences how your company will get through this. Even if you have to “fake it ’til you make it,” make sure your employees are the first priority.
  1. Set the tone. Your attitude is reflected in your body language, what you say “in confidence,” and even written communication. Be careful, be honest, and set the tone you want to see in your workplace.
  1. Rebuild your team. Look around you—who is chomping at the bit? Who is rising to the occasion and helping others push through the rough time? This is the kind of person you need on your team and would be a great asset to brainstorm your way into a new light.
  1. Crack a smile. In the midst of all the difficulties, it’s easy to become victimized and sullen. This is bad for both business and your emotional health. Look for ways to laugh, and keep your employees laughing, too. This will take some effort. Wallowing in negativity is highly contagious. It takes work to look at the positive when you just don’t feel it.
  1. Listen to your gut. Your instincts may be taking advantage of this season, trying to signal a problem that you may be reluctant to resolve. Don’t ignore it. This may be the issue keeping you from your lucky break.
  1. Sharpen your focus. Instead of dwelling on the “Why did this happen?” or “Why me?” questions, look at what you can learn. Push yourself and your company to the next level. Your focus must be on thriving, not surviving.
  1. Reinvent your future. Nope, you can’t keep doing what you’ve always done. Take a step back (preferably away from the office) to review where you are, where you want to be, and what actions you can take now and later to get there.
  1. Recruit some help. You’re not the only one who has experienced bad luck and hard times. Contact a business mentor or networking contact for advice from an outside yet experienced perspective.

You may need to hire an agency or consultant to help get you out of a rut. This is where we come in. Contact us A.S.A.P.  so we can come alongside and help you change your fate and create a new destiny.

(Extra tip: If you ask for help, actually listen to the advice. Stop the “yeah, but” stuff—like “yeah, but we can’t do that,” or “yeah, but we’ve always done it this way,” or “yeah, but we don’t have the money.” Take what is advised to heart and at least try it.)

  1. Realize repetition is required. No matter what you’re facing, you’ll need to establish new habits in order to get to a new norm. This will take some time for you and your team. Stick to it, stay committed, encourage your team, and don’t waver even a little bit.
  1. Prepare for the next wave. This probably won’t be the only time you experience a rough patch. So use this time to learn how you can handle it better (personally and professionally), what you can do to ward it off from the beginning, and how to expedite getting back to sunshine and happy days.

So, what are you waiting for? Get moving! Hunker down and break the chain of bad luck through your actions. Be decisive, make some waves, and start thriving again.


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