140-Character Business Plan

Sep 8, 2011 | Marketing

In social media, sometimes you have a limited amount of space to share your thoughts. You have no idea how many times I’ve spent five minutes trying to figure out how to manipulate what I want to say into 140 characters on Twitter (as if what I have to say is really that important…) Clear and concise language is vital to be able to get your message across to customers in the way that social media sites have limited us to.

For example, here is my attempt at fitting 212 Media Studios into a 140 character Tweet:

At 212 Media Studios we want to make your business stand out through websites, social media, mobile apps, & all the things you’re too busy to run!

Or a 420 character Facebook status:

At 212 Media Studios, we’re dedicated to making your business stand out among the rest! We offer to build and manage your website, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. We also offer SEO, a social media dashboard, and more! Our hard-working and creative team will be the force driving your social media and online marketing, making you known while you do what you do best…running your business and making money!

Sure, sometimes you’re not trying to sum up an entire concept into a measly amount of words, but chances are you don’t have the time (or possibly don’t care enough) to stare at your computer screen to figure out how many times you can make “you” into “u” or “and” into “&” without it looking obvious. Or maybe you run a bakery and words aren’t exactly “your thing.” (Don’t worry, I’m not claiming they’re mine either.) But if there are customers at the counter and the phone keeps ringing, there are more important things you need to be doing; I definitely understand that.

Here’s the thing, though: When I was trying to get a job with my Public Relations degree, especially with my interests in marketing and creativity, it was tough. Businesses everywhere are looking where to cut spending and it seems like marketing is one of the first things to go. Putting marketing at the wayside and complaining that you don’t have customers is like cutting gym in schools and then discussing how America’s children are becoming lazier and overweight. It just doesn’t really make sense; I was taught cause and effect in elementary school.

The truth is, if you’re going to want to be seen and known in your field, you’re going to have to sell yourself a bit. You’re going to have to shamelessly promote, give offers and deals, and be creative about how you do everything so that your company stands out among the rest. And that is what we want to do for you at 212 Media Studios. We want to see your business (and you) succeed. I mean, we even want to succeed as a business. The difference is that this stuff is our job, while your job is probably something very different. Creative marketing and social media are important to how your business succeeds nowadays, but let’s be honest, you might not have the means to pay a new employee to do that work for you. So check out our site at 212mediastudios.com and hire a team specialized for this work for one monthly fee and let us slave away at that 140-character concept.


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