212 Gives Back: Building Local Awareness for Global Crises

Dec 20, 2019 | 212 Articles, Blogs, Community, Giving, Holiday, Non-Profit Organizations

At 212, generosity is a core value—and a tradition. Every winter, each employee receives a Christmas bonus that is earmarked for a greater purpose: charity. Our blog will highlight the local non-profits that each teammate has chosen and share why they are important to us and our community.

Content and Visual Specialist Crystal Horner is supporting Water For Good, based in Winona Lake. “I remember the first time I became fully aware of the water crisis. I was in a group of college students, and we were asked to carry bulky jugs of water for several hours. Later, eager to rest and rehydrate, we learned that the water was not clean enough for us to drink,” shares Crystal. “Yet, this is the norm for many people in the world. It is a lesson I will always remember.”

Water For Good focuses on providing clean water in the Central African Republic (CAR) by drilling wells and equipping local people to run water-related businesses. As the non-profit shares on its website, an estimated 60% of water projects in Africa have failed. Drilling wells without creating systems to maintain them doesn’t solve anything; a long-term plan must be a part of the solution.

“Water For Good not only betters lives in the CAR, but is also a pillar of our community, building awareness and generosity,” Crystal notes. “Over the years, I have seen Hoosiers rally together to run fundraisers, host benefit events, and educate people on water and sanitation issues—creating a strong sense of community and reminding us that we can all be a part of the solution, no matter where we are.”

Read more about Water For Good and how you can support their work on their website: waterforgood.org.

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