212 Gives Back: Offering Affordable Therapy for Kids

Dec 13, 2019 | 212 Articles, Blogs, Community, Giving, Holiday, Non-Profit Organizations

At 212, generosity is a core value—and a tradition. Every winter, each employee receives a Christmas bonus that is earmarked for a greater purpose: charity. Our blog will highlight the local non-profits that each teammate has chosen and share why they are important to us and our community.

Inbound Marketing Strategist & Project Manager Jessica Hauck is supporting Joe’s Kids—because their mission strikes a chord in her family. “I have a niece who cannot hear. Because of the therapy and assistance that she is able to receive, I have become even more invested in children’s health,” shares Jessica.

Joe’s Kids’ mission is “to help each child reach their full potential and to educate and support their families along the way.” The non-profit is providing the assistance that local families need without the long travel times and waiting lists.

“I am realizing that Joe’s Kids is a huge blessing to families in our area,” says Jessica. “We are so fortunate to be able to give children the medical and developmental therapies that are needed to help them be successful!”

Read more about the positive impact of Joe’s Kids’ work at www.joes-kids.org.

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