At 212, generosity is a core value—and a tradition. Every winter, each employee receives a Christmas bonus that is earmarked for a greater purpose: charity. Our blog will highlight the local non-profits that each teammate has chosen and share why they are important to us and our community.

Operations Manager Melissa Katip is making a tradition of supporting CASA each year with her 212 Gives Back bonus. “I am donating to CASA again because I appreciate what they do to advocate for the kids who otherwise would have no voice,” shares Melissa.

According to CASA’s mission statement, in Indiana alone, thousands of abused or neglected children become entangled in an overburdened child welfare system that involves multiple caseworkers and foster care placements, court hearings, and red tape. Every day, hundreds of abused and neglected Hoosier children go to court alone with no one to advocate for their needs while they are in foster care.

“It’s a mission close to my heart,” explains Melissa, “as a sister to three siblings who would have been lost in the court and foster systems if they had not had someone to speak up for them and look out for their best interests.”

Learn more about CASA and how you could get involved at