212 Gives Back 2020: The Beaman Home

Dec 16, 2020 | 212 Articles, Community, Giving

2020 has brought more challenges than any of us would have ever anticipated. Now more than ever we must support each other—we must pour into our communities and stand by those in need. Every winter, each employee selects a local charity to support by donating a 212 Christmas bonus. May we all cultivate deeper levels of generosity, gratitude, and selflessness this holiday season.

In most countries around the world, domestic violence has risen during the various stages of lockdown throughout the 2020 pandemic. Non-profits like The Beaman Home are being called on more and more to help families and children escape abuse and transition into safety.

“I am thankful that The Beaman Home continues to help countless families out of peril—especially now,” says Editor and Content Specialist Crystal Horner. “Many victims struggle to leave their abusive environment, often putting their children at greater risk. I am glad our community has a thorough, caring program to help people in such difficult and vulnerable circumstances.”

The Beaman Home’s mission is to provide shelter, education, and confidential services to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault—aiming to break the cycle and create safer homes and communities.

To read more about the important work of this non-profit, visit thebeamanhome.com.


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