212 Gives Back: Feeding and Equipping the Community

Nov 29, 2017 | 212 Articles, Christmas, Community, Giving, Non-Profit Organizations

Every December, each employee of 212 Media Studios receives a second Christmas bonus with instructions to donate it to a non-profit of his or her choice. Why? Because supporting our community and helping others is part of our ethos. In fact, this opportunity to give back has become a favorite holiday tradition in our office.


This year, CMO David Phelps chose to donate to Cultivate Culinary School and Catering. David admires the way this non-profit cares for those who are less fortunate. “Cultivate provides food, education, and a way for people to get out of poverty and difficult situations,” says David. “This fits with my personal belief that we should all be helping those who are less fortunate than we are.”

Based in South Bend, Indiana, Cultivate doesn’t just feed the poor. They rescue food that would be disposed of otherwise—but is still perfectly good. In partnership with Notre Dame, Cultivate then creates healthy, inexpensive meals which go to local food banks and halfway houses.

Cultivate also provides culinary training and education to instill confidence and competence in those needing a way out of poverty, giving them new opportunities for their future careers and whole lives.

“Cultivate goes beyond ‘giving a man a fish,’” David explains. “They are truly teaching him to fish!”

To donate, volunteer, or find out more about this non-profit, visit www.cultivateculinary.com.

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