Every December, each employee of 212 Media Studios receives a second Christmas bonus with instructions to donate it to a non-profit of his or her choice. Why? Because supporting our community and helping others is part of our ethos. In fact, this opportunity to give back has become a favorite holiday tradition in our office.


Senior Content and Visual Specialist Crystal Horner has decided to support the Cinnamon Network this year. “I first learned about this non-profit a few months ago when I heard the employee who oversees my county share about the initiatives,” shares Crystal. “I immediately connected with the spirit behind it.”

The Cinnamon Network’s goal is to address real, physical, societal needs by helping local churches both see and meet the needs in their communities. The organization facilitates a range of services and projects: visiting shut-ins, teaching life skills, supporting recovering addicts and former prisoners, helping homeless people find housing, assisting struggling students, serving lunches to families in need, and much more.

“Rather than just talking about them, we need to actually do something about the injustices and hardships affecting so many families,” says Crystal. “The Cinnamon Network educates, equips, and empowers local churches to take action.”

You can read more about the Cinnamon Network’s projects here.