212 Gives Back: Providing Shelter and Support for the Homeless

Nov 29, 2017 | 212 Articles, Christmas, Community, Giving, Non-Profit Organizations

Every December, each employee of 212 Media Studios receives a second Christmas bonus with instructions to donate it to a non-profit of his or her choice. Why? Because supporting our community and helping others is part of our ethos. In fact, this opportunity to give back has become a favorite holiday tradition in our office.


Social Media & Content Specialist Bailey Gerber has chosen to support Fellowship Missions, based in Winona Lake, Indiana. “When I was little, I remember going to Chicago with my family and being absolutely stunned at the amount of people on the sidewalks asking for money,” recalls Bailey. “I’d always considered a home and a warm meal to be parts of basic human existence, not a luxury. Fellowship Missions is working to make it less of a luxury.”

The mission of this local charity is close to Bailey’s heart. “I don’t know how we can provide people with hope when we aren’t meeting their basic needs first, so I’m really passionate about organizations that look at people’s basic needs and try to move forward by providing for those and building relationships, rather than just handing out Bibles,” she explains.

Fellowship Missions meets basic needs, giving individuals a safe and loving place to help them achieve a better way for themselves and their families. Its volunteers walk with residents through the process of getting back on their feet to achieve long-term independence.

“My roommate worked closely with Fellowship Missions as part of her practicum, so I got to hear some of her behind-the-scenes stories about building relationships with residents and the effects of Fellowship’s services,” shares Bailey. “It’s not just an emergency shelter; it’s a stepping stone toward getting people to a place where they don’t need an emergency shelter anymore.”

You can learn more about this local organization on its website, Facebook, or Twitter.

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