212 Media Studios Awards 2/12 Day Prize

Feb 12, 2018 | 212 Articles, Giving, Non-Profit Organizations, Uncategorized

After receiving nominations from community members, 212 chose one local nonprofit to win all fees earned on 2/12/18.

Warsaw, Indiana. – 212 Media Studios has announced Fellowship Missions as the winner of this year’s 2/12 Day prize. Several community members stepped up to nominate Fellowship Missions for its work in providing shelter, meals, and recovery programs to help homeless people in the community find the resources to get back on track.

“We wanted 2/12 Day to be about honoring the nonprofits in our area, and the support for Fellowship Missions is well-deserved,” says 212’s chief marketing officer David Phelps. “They’re reaching so many people through their services, and we’re excited to contribute to their success through the 2/12 Day contest. We’re looking forward to seeing their continued impact on this community.”

As the winner of the 2/12 Day contest, Fellowship Missions will receive 100% of 212’s fees earned on February 12, 2018. The contest also served as an opportunity for community members to spotlight local nonprofits that others may not have known about before. 212 Media Studios is dedicated to supporting the local organizations that are working to make Kosciusko County a better place to live.

“We love providing a platform for nonprofits in our area to explain more about what they do,” says Phelps. “We hope we can continue to build these relationships and work closely with nonprofits to help other people understand how important they are in the community.”


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