212 Things We Do

Nov 4, 2014 | 212 Media Studios

It’s been two weeks since we relaunched as 212 Media Studios. With this change, we have been asked, “So, what’s different?” or “What do you do?”

We’re glad you asked!

Allow us to provide a list of the 212 things we do as 212 Media Studios:

  1. We are passionate about creating an office culture with employees characterized by HEART:
  2. We strive to create services people love.
  3. We believe that Story + Marketing + Reputation = Brand.
  4. We believe story is vital to marketing.
  5. We’re a full-service marketing firm.
  6. We are strategists.
  7. We are creative.
  8. We are ideators.
  9. We are brand imaginers.
  10. We are brand evangelists.
  11. We listen to the needs of our clients and the story of their brands.
  12. We work together to create the best marketing campaigns for our clients.
  13. We are up to date on industry best practices.
  14. We are technologically savvy.
  15. We are a cohesive unit between team, client, and goals.
  16. We ask questions.
  17. We build relational partnerships.
  18. We specialize in inbound marketing.
  19. We are Inbound Certified.
  20. We do end-to-end campaigns.
  21. We innovate.
  22. We plan.
  23. We brainstorm solutions to each client’s unique needs.
  24. We research best practices.
  25. We handle channel marketing.
  26. We create multi-media solutions.
  27. We create new services to meet felt needs.
  28. We offer two-day Story Retreats.
  29. We look for opportunities to give back to our community through our “212GivesBack.”
  30. We are passionate about our Marketing Services.
  31. We partner with clients.
  32. We learn about our clients—their goals, stories, audience, and visions.
  33. We are digital marketers.
  34. We are strategic marketers.
  35. We engage viewers through social media.
  36. We provide detailed analytics to fine-tune and improve online marketing efforts.
  37. We work with clients to outline a social strategy to align with buyer personas.
  38. We help to naturally attract consumer traffic.
  39. We strive to enable our clients to convert, close, and delight target audiences.
  40. We have an experienced Video Team.
  41. We provide high-quality videos without having to charge millions of dollars.
  42. We tell visual stories.
  43. We provide motion graphics.
  44. We cover live events.
  45. We use Hollywood-grade cameras.
  46. We use Hollywood-grade lenses.
  47. We get those hard-to-reach shots by using our drone.
  48. We handle on-camera interviews.
  49. We do 2D/3D modeling and animation.
  50. We create animated presentations.
  51. We use eye-catching graphics.
  52. We showcase products.
  53. We bring services to life.
  54. We create dynamic storyboards.
  55. We shoot video with high-end equipment.
  56. We produce videos with cutting-edge software and motion graphics.
  57. We edit and render the footage.
  58. We format videos to be easily shared on social media, websites, or YouTube.
  59. We have a dynamic Digerati Team.
  60. We provide front-end development.
  61. We provide back-end development.
  62. We enhance websites with visual designs.
  63. We employ SEO best practices.
  64. We make sure clients’ strategies adhere to SEO rules and guidelines.
  65. We stay up to date on search engine algorithm changes.
  66. We highlight ecommerce products.
  67. We create ecommerce solutions that allow online stores to showcase and sell products.
  68. We create a compelling digital presence.
  69. We offer modern graphic-designed sites.
  70. We create an intuitive flow for online viewers.
  71. We create responsive functions so websites can be viewed from any device.
  72. We develop smart forms.
  73. We create smart lists.
  74. We keep sites updated with today’s changing environments.
  75. We use cutting-edge technologies like SASS, Grunt, HTML5, CSS3, and NginX.
  76. We test clients’ sites to be sure they are HTML and CSS validated.
  77. We provide server-side development.
  78. We create quick-functioning websites.
  79. We track user engagement to keep each client’s digital presence as effective as possible.
  80. We virtualize our cross browser testing for maximum compatibility.
  81. We monitor our servers 24/7 so that sites virtually never have downtime.
  82. We have a Content Team that writes, edits, and repeats.
  83. We are storytellers.
  84. We believe words are powerful, and choosing the right one is vital.
  85. We report industry news.
  86. We provide how-tos.
  87. We answer clients’
  88. We create quality marketing content.
  89. We help clients learn.
  90. We help clients grow.
  91. We write scripts.
  92. We help craft mission and value statements.
  93. We create forms.
  94. We build surveys.
  95. We write reports.
  96. We compose email marketing content.
  97. We update blogs.
  98. We draft newsletters.
  99. We proofread and edit manuscripts.
  100. We review website content to ensure vocabulary is professional and effective.
  101. We transcribe materials.
  102. We draft proposals.
  103. We write press releases.
  104. We write infographics.
  105. We generate ebooks.
  106. We strive to keep the attention of whomever we’re writing for, no matter what we’re writing… whether it be a brochure, an article, or even this blog post! (You’re halfway done!)
  107. We have an innovative Social Media Team.
  108. We believe that social media is word-of-mouth on steroids.
  109. We strive to save our clients more time and energy.
  110. We work hard to promote user engagement.
  111. We learn each client’s voice.
  112. We use the correct voice for the platform, client, and target persona.
  113. We audit social media accounts for an in-depth analysis and specific advice.
  114. We schedule social media posts so clients can focus on running their businesses.
  115. We evaluate which social media platform best fits the needs and reaches the target audience.
  116. We determine which social media platforms are best for connecting with the target audience—where they already hang out.
  117. We create social media accounts.
  118. We know how to utilize every social media platform.
  119. We reach out to and engage with those who have common interests.
  120. We report monthly results.
  121. We strategize in order to offer consistent presence and interaction.
  122. We set measurable plans and goals.
  123. We achieve goals.
  124. We share our client’s message, whether it’s a blog post or a 140-character tweet.
  125. We provide a full-scale strategy for contracts lasting up to one year.
  126. We offer three social media packages, geared to the unique needs and goals of each client.
  127. We have an immensely creative Design Team.
  128. We draw.
  129. We sketch.
  130. We know Illustrator really, really well.
  131. We know InDesign really, really well.
  132. We know Photoshop really, really well.
  133. We have access to Adobe’s top creative programs, giving us endless capabilities.
  134. We illustrate pretty much anything we can get our hands on.
  135. We create eye-catching websites.
  136. We design:
  137. … Landing pages.
  138. … Flyers.
  139. … Menus.
  140. … Logos.
  141. … T-shirts.
  142. … Posters.
  143. … Infographics.
  144. … Ebooks.
  145. … Websites.
  146. … Banners.
  147. … Brand standards.
  148. … Brochures.
  149. … Eblast templates.
  150. … Postcards.
  151. … Book covers.
  152. … Press kits.
  153. … Magazines.
  154. … Business cards.
  155. … Product labels.
  156. … Wall displays.
  157. … Billboards.
  158. … Newsletters.
  159. We create social media imagery.
  160. We design all kinds of signs.
  161. We manipulate images.
  162. We do brand development.
  163. We experiment with:
  164. … Colors.
  165. … Shapes.
  166. … Fonts.
  167. … Sizes.
  168. We work imagery magic.
  169. We push the boundaries of possibility on a regular basis.
  170. We have steadfast Community Managers who are attentive to detail.
  171. We regularly meet with our clients.
  172. We are available, online and by phone.
  173. We always look for better ways to serve our clients.
  174. We are excited to solve problems.
  175. We strive to delight our customers.
  176. We design marketing strategies to help tell the story of each client’s company.
  177. We provide creative input and direction as clients explore marketing options.
  178. We keep clients up to date on new project opportunities and services.
  179. We manage multiple clients simultaneously, and enjoy that there’s never a boring day.
  180. We are the liaisons between a client’s business and our team of creators.
  181. We are never too busy for our clients.
  182. We are prompt.
  183. We have dedicated Directors and Company Leaders.
  184. We strive to keep heading in the right direction.
  185. We look for new opportunities.
  186. We intentionally stay in touch with our team.
  187. We look for ways to unite and stay connected, working toward the next goal.
  188. We hold staff meetings to keep everyone in the loop.
  189. We acknowledge and celebrate accomplishments.
  190. We build and pursue our vision for the future.
  191. We enjoy working together as the 212 Media Studios Team.
  192. We go the extra mile.
  193. We bend our knees and lift together.
  194. We drink a lot of coffee and Mountain Dew.
  195. We answer emails.
  196. We attend meetings.
  197. We strive to meet deadlines.
  198. We have dedicated team members.
  199. We work efficiently.
  200. We work effectively.
  201. We utilize Skype, HipChat, Google Hangout, FaceTime, and text messaging in order to stay in good communication with our employees who work remotely.
  202. We stay late, come in early, or work through lunch when needed.
  203. We collaborate.
  204. We value family.
  205. We value our community.
  206. We keep learning.
  207. We challenge each other to grow in our abilities and responsibilities.
  208. We are determined not to grow stagnant.
  209. We keep clients informed through regular updates and reports.
  210. We are the point of change that helps clients establish their standing in the market.
  211. We promise to help each client reach the highest potential as best we can.
  212. And lots, lots more!

To learn more about our company, explore more of our website! You can also contact us directly at info@212mediastudios.com or call us at 574.269.0720.

(Crystal Horner and Bethany Alcock contributed to this post.)

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