3-2-1 Ignition: Taking Your Graphic Design to the Next Level

Aug 4, 2015 | Business, Graphic Design, Inbound Marketing, Marketing

As a full-service marketing agency, we get a lot of requests for new or refreshed logos, brochure redesigns, website creation, and a myriad of other marketing needs. With each piece, we follow specific best practices to ensure the highest-quality look, feel, and effectiveness in telling the intended story and meeting the client’s brand standards. Every design meets high standards before it’s submitted for approval.

Working with multiple verticals and types of clients has helped us arrive at these four components that take our designs to the next level. We think these will work for your design team, too. (If you don’t have a design team, we’d be glad to fill that void—just get in touch!)

Whether you have someone in-house or you outsource to an agency, you must trust your designer. He is wired to guide you in the creative process. Yes, you can and should offer some guidelines or critical items for the project, but let the designer do the creative work and don’t micro-manage or hover. Remember, you hired him to be creative. And a good designer will always ask clarifying questions if they arise.

Quality Time
Graphic design can take some time. It’s never as simple as replacing a picture or throwing text on a document. There will never be a five-minute project, whether it is a full, creative piece or not. Simply opening programs and files, then exporting, packaging, and saving the final piece takes time. Remember to have patience—your design will be worth the wait.

If you have multiple designers, give them a chance to bounce ideas off of one another. Creativity thrives with collaboration. People have different perspectives, and when they come together over a project, new ideas emerge. Encourage a team atmosphere.

Stay organized and develop a filing structure that all of your designers follow down to the tiniest detail. This is key when you’re working on various versions of a current project, or on an old project requiring a specific version. This also improves time management. If an image didn’t work out on a previous project—or the client decided after five revisions to return to the original—you have quick and easy access. Plus, if one of the designers is out sick, another can find a needed file without any guesswork or wasted time.

Some of these seem obvious, but if you apply these practices to your graphic design team, your productivity and creativity level will increase.

If you are still searching for some graphic design help, drop us a line. We’re glad to talk about how we can produce the creative designs you need.

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