4 Keys to Closing Sales

Jun 4, 2014 | Sales

Handshake between businessmen

During the sales process, you can do a great job in all the steps yet still walk away without the sale. Most of the time it’s because of how you close the sale. Every situation is different. 

Knowing the keys to closing will help you understand what is going wrong and how to fix it.

1. The Trial Close

In my opinion, “test closing” should be implemented every time. It allows you to test the waters with the customer, to lead into the final yes moment. Ask “either/or” questions rather than “yes/no.” If the customer brings up an objection, work through it.

2. The Relationship

Another aspect that helps you close sales is relationship building. Be likable! Let the client see you as a human being rather than someone just trying to sell something. Being real and friendly encourages them to buy from you instead of someone who is just there to sell them a product or service. Anything to enhance the relationship helps, but keep it professional.

3. The Ask

This tends to be the biggest reason why someone fails to close. If you don’t ask the person, he won’t have the opportunity to say yes. There is no need to be afraid of asking; the worst that can happen is receiving a no. If that happens, ask why. You need to know what customers are looking for and what sways their choices. You may not have sealed that deal, but you are better equipped for the next opportunity.

4. The Timing

If you’re acting on the previous three keys without success, consider the timing of your ask. Are you using trial closes to discover objections and overcoming them? Do you have clients in the right state of mind? Make sure they are thinking of the benefit of your product or service, and respect their schedules and needs.

Remember, no one closes at 100%. But always do your best and keep working on your sales process. Learn from your mistakes and prospective clients’ objections. Keep learning and adapting.

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