4 Reasons a Custom Website Excels Over an "Off-the-Shelf" Solution

Jul 21, 2015 | Desktop, SEO, Web Development, Websites

Is it time to update your website? Maybe you just want to modernize it a little to keep up with the changing internet culture, or perhaps you’ve had the same site since 2002. Either way, deciding to make a change usually starts with researching the best solution for your needs.

While doing your homework, you will find that there are basically two options for your next website: a fully custom-designed/developed website unique to your company, or an “off-the-shelf” template offered by various providers telling you how easy and inexpensive it is.

Let me be frank. Those affordable template websites are simply not as good as a custom site. Sure, you get a website, which for some small businesses provides a passable solution. But, if you are serious about your product or service—and want to build your reputation and brand through every interaction with prospective customers—please don’t use one of those services. A customized website offers much more in terms of design flexibility, SEO, custom features, appearance, and even improved hosting options.

Here are four things to consider when determining the type of website to represent your company:

  1. SEO. Sites that look/feel the same and use “off-the-shelf” themes or content do not have many SEO benefits. A custom site can be created with SEO and other marketing strategies in mind.
  2. Options. A custom website can be tailored to the content you plan on giving your customer. While a template-based site for real estate could just use a “blog” theme, a custom solution could display more information (like homes similar to what they’ve looked at in that past) that a user may want to view while reading a blog post in a custom format.
  3. Appearance. An “off-the-shelf” solution typically looks like just that—an unoriginal solution. It often appears cheap; content is either thrown in everywhere or isolated to predetermined locations. By enlisting a team with expertise to build your custom site, your content can be placed where it means something and can guide a user down a set marketing or sales path.
  4. Hosting. With a custom solution, you get a web team whose job is to help you better understand not only your website needs, but also your web hosting needs. You’re not just thrown into a “cheap” hosting plan like everyone else. Unfortunately, the hosting solutions that simple website tool providers offer won’t allow your site to perform to your quality expectations.

Sometimes it seems like choosing a solution that’s quick and inexpensive is the best option. But when it comes to your website, this is not the case. Make a decision that will improve your brand appearance and produce customization, SEO, and better hosting solutions—go with a custom site.

At 212 Media Studios, we offer high-quality, custom site design and development. We would be glad to work with you on your next website project. But, more importantly, we want to be sure that you are making the best decision for your company—whether you work with us or not, you won’t regret getting a custom-built website.

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