4 Steps to Creating Content That Readers Want

Aug 6, 2013 | Blogs, Communication, Content Generation

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As a writer, one of my worst fears is that a reader will finish one of my articles, put it down, and say “So what? It didn’t help me.” That means I haven’t done my job. (My worst fear is that I’ll misspell the word “misspell,” but I digress…)

In order to attract readers to your blog, create content that will interest consumers while educating them about your business. It is a difficult balancing act, but it can be done.

Here are four guidelines:

1. Give Answers

What topics and questions do readers search for that could lead them to your site? What concerns do they have? What complaints do they have? Knowing what readers are looking for will guide your blog topics.

Categories that provide information and promote your business include:

  • Education – Teach something readers need to know. This proves you know what you’re talking about and why they should follow you.
  • News – Announce new products/services coming to your business and how they will benefit your consumers. Give updates on developments or changes. This directs readers to your products while showing how you meet their needs.
  • Trends – Discuss developing trends of the industry and how they affect you, your business, and your customers.
  • Questions – Answer questions from customers through your blog.
  • Successes – Share the success stories of your customers.

2. Give Take-Away Value

Take-away value is what the readers take with them after reading your blog—information, tips, encouragement, a new process, inspiration, perspective, maybe even entertainment. If readers find content useful, they share it and return for more. This generally leads to more customers. Post content that is designed for the reader.

3. Give the Reader Credit

Avoid talking down to readers. Don’t be too detailed, but don’t assume readers know as much as you do. Yes, some readers will understand what you’re talking about, but new customers may not. Err on the side that readers haven’t followed your blog or know your company’s terminology. For example, if we were to post a blog about how SEO can benefit your business without first clarifying what SEO is (either linking to an article solely explaining SEO or giving an introductory paragraph) our readers could be lost, and we would lose them.

4. Give High Quality

Don’t let typos, misspellings, poor grammar, and punctuation distract from your message. Having great information doesn’t mean you can dismiss running spell check, and making sure periods and apostrophes are where they should be. Read this article for basic proofreading techniques.

Put the readers first. Always. Understand their needs and meet them so they keep coming back. This will then give them a reason to transition into loyal customers.

Leilani Squires
Director of Content
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