4 Tips for Effective Twitter Inbound Marketing

May 30, 2014 | Inbound Marketing, Social Media Marketing

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Social media is a crucial part of the early phases of inbound methodology. Attracting traffic is one of the first steps in utilizing inbound marketing. Social media is a fantastic place to direct traffic to your business. Twitter specifically puts a face on your business for consumers to communicate with, forming more of a relationship.

Check out these four tips for thriving on Twitter:

1. Only Post Great Content.

Tweet what will interest your target market, such as advice, jokes, articles, or anything that is relevant to your following. Use Twitter to promote your content in moderation. Show off a great article you just wrote or an ebook your company just published. However, Twitter is not only for information. Tweet about something unique and special, like a cool company event or a discount. Finally, be sure that your Twitter presence doesn’t stop at just posting—be sure to reply and connect with your followers.

2. Ask Questions.

This is such a simple technique, yet so often overlooked. We are always searching for new ways to get interaction on our posts, but one of the easiest ways is also one of the most effective: asking questions. We all love to share our opinions. Interesting questions can prompt interaction. Twitter is a form of social media—don’t forget the ‘social’ part.

3. Be Aware of the 140-Character Limit.

One sure-fire way to get overlooked is to post a novel. Resist the urge to create a tweet that needs to be split into sections. A multi-part tweet can easily get lost in your followers’ timelines, and therefore be overlooked. In fact, avoid using the entire 140-character limit if possible. Keep it as short as possible, ideally around 100-120 characters. This leaves room for your followers to quote the tweet, add a personal touch to it, or tag someone in it.

4. Follow Up.

Always track your interaction on Twitter. Keep track of it all: what you tweet, what’s tweeted at you, who follows/unfollows you—everything. Learn from your mistakes. Try to figure out what types of tweets gain the greatest interaction and what time of day most of your following is on Twitter. If adding pictures to your tweets creates more interactions, then by all means add more pictures. Learn to improve your methods.

How do you do Twitter? Share any tips you have in a comment below.

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