5 Best SEO Blogs to Follow

Apr 15, 2014 | SEO

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When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), there are a lot of opinions and speculation. Really, though, it’s most important to listen to the people who are either: A) writing the search algorithms or B) explaining what the people in point A are writing. So, let’s take a look at the best SEO blogs to follow.

First up is the Inside Search blog. Even if you have been learning SEO, this blog may not have popped up as one to follow. This is one of the best SEO blogs you could read, though. While it isn’t an incredibly active blog (about one post per month), the content is fantastic. It is straight from the Google Search team, explaining what they are learning and new features in search. A great deal of insight can be gained by reading this blog.

Next up is Matt Cutts’ blog. Cutts was on the Google Search algorithm development team for quite some time but is now the head of the Webspam team. He is an incredibly bright individual (much smarter than I) and is influential in what counts as spam in Google’s algorithm. Thinking about signing up for 500 links a month? Might want to pass on that—-here’s a blog post from the person at Google who wrote the specification that buying links won’t do you any good). This guy gives incredibly valuable information. Read it.

Third is the Google Webmaster tools blog. This is similar to the first two blogs because you can get a leg up on what’s happening in search—straight from the horse’s mouth. I cannot see a downside here.

Fourth (only because of popularity among end users) is the Bing Webmaster blog. It also offers great information on how search is changing and what engines look at when considering a site that’s been crawled. Even though Bing searches constitute roughly a quarter of searches on Google (at least, according to ebizmba.com), the content they provide is really very good.

Last (on the official list) is the Moz blog. Moz is globally recognized by SEO professionals as a company that truly understands search and how it works. They do a great job of explaining search, best practices, and various marketing techniques to really maximize your website. This blog is more than just SEO tips, but I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with its content.

Finally (a bonus) is the 212 Media Studios blog. We make a point to read the above blogs and try to share what’s happening and what you should do as a result. We always aim to produce relevant, quality content—that you can start using today.

Do you enjoy reading any other SEO blogs that I didn’t cover above? I would love to hear what they are in the comments below. Or, if you’ve found any of the above blogs to have particularly helpful posts, leave a few links for us to check out.

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