5 Steps to a Successful Social Media Campaign

Sep 17, 2013 | Communication, Social Media, Social Media Marketing, Technology

Social Media

Running a successful social media campaign can be extremely helpful as you begin your business or are looking to create growth. A social media campaign can build your brand recognition, community, exposure, influence and website traffic. But how do you do this successfully?

Here are 5 steps to a successful social media campaign:

1. Identify goals and objectives.

Identifying the purpose and what the campaign is to accomplish is the first place to start. Any goal should be measurable, and attainable. In order to evaluate the goals have to measurable. The other important aspect of the goals set are that they are attainable. Goals should stretch you, but, like any other goal that you set, if unrealistic can create frustration.

2. Research.

Learn as much as you can before you begin. Starting off on the wrong foot is never a good way to begin. Find out the best ways to engage the most customers.

3. Build relationships.

Be interactive. Engage with people. Whether you’re posting or participating in conversations through blogs or forums, be relational. This will create and strengthen relationships.

4. Analyze.

Goals are rendered useless without this step. A goal that is never analyzed to measure whether it was accomplished is no help. Whether your efforts have been successful or unsuccessful, it is important to have measurable results.

5. Change and improve.

This is taking step four further. Put the analytical data gathered to use. Even if the data points to everything working, there is room to grow and change. Social media is always changing, so stay up to date with that change and adapt.

A solid social media campaign can have many benefits. A solid campaign starts with identifying goals, doing research, building relationships, analyzing, and then being willing and able to change and adapt. All of these steps add up to create a solid campaign that can provide the benefits they offer.

Taylor Long
Social Media Strategist

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