5 Tips for Creating an Attractive & Memorable Slogan

Aug 28, 2012 | Brand, Slogan

What makes a memorable slogan? Why do we all remember Nike’s “Just Do It” slogan? And who hasn’t used Wheaties’ phrase “Breakfast of Champions” in a normal conversation talking about breakfast?

There are many things that make a great slogan. Entering “What Makes a Great Slogan” into Google generates 104,000,000 results! Obviously, there are a lot of opinions and strategies that have been effective. I believe it comes down to the following 5 concepts.

1. Many people would start with writing something catchy. To go against the grain, I think it is most important to stay true to your brand. Be sure to represent your brand and what differentiates you from your competition through your slogan. Don’t try and be your competitors, chances are your customers like you just the way you are.

2. One article I read praised Bounty paper towels for their “Quilted Quicker Picker Upper” slogan. It is incredibly memorable especially when paired with the tune from the commercials!

3. Make your slogan unique to your company. Don’t make your slogan something anyone can use. I realize this is similar to staying true to your brand but it is different and here is why. If your company offers the best winter tire in the industry don’t make your slogan “The best tires for the winter.” While it is true and it represents your brand, anyone in the tire market can “make that claim” to get attention.A good example of a slogan in the tire industry is Michelin. Michelin’s slogan is “A better way forward” it represents their brand for innovation and it relates to the better quality of their tires.

4. Create Good Feelings. It is as simple as that. McDonald’s slogan is “I’m lovin’ it.” It creates good feelings about McDonald’s food. People LOVE McDonald’s food and love is an emotion that everyone wants to feel. Coca-Cola’s slogan is “Open Happiness” which implies a positive warm emotion is attached to a bottle of Coke. Be sure your slogan creates a positive feeling.

5. Finally, your slogan should be easy to say! Think about it, the last thing you want is for someone to trip over your slogan. That is why Michelob Ultra’s Live Life to The Ultra was so good. All the sounds are simple and are all said in the front part of your mouth. It flows off the tip of your tongue with ease and little chance of mistakes.

When your company writes a new slogan ask yourself Does your slogan line up with these concepts? My guess is, if you line up with these concepts you will have a unique slogan that truly reflects your values and captures the attention of your audience!

Dustin Hickle
Media Specialist

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