5 Tips to Improve Your Facebook Statuses

Jan 17, 2014 | Social Media

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Facebook is an essential part of any social media strategy. The question is, “How can you effectively use Facebook, since everyone out there seems to be using it?” There are always areas to improve, particularly Facebook statuses. They require focus. How can you get the most reach and interaction out of these posts? Here are five ways that may help you gain more engagement!

1. Shorten Your Statuses.

Research repeatedly shows that the longer the post, the less engagement it typically attracts. Most audiences have no patience these days. There’s no time to read anything that seems long, especially something that looks longer than a tweet. Take the time to plan well, and be concise with your status updates. Condense them until they’re direct and eye-catching.

2. Post at the Right Times.

Many tools, such as the insights page, allow you to see what time your audience is most active on Facebook. Identify these times and act accordingly. Engagement often stems from posts at the top of the news feed. Posting at the ideal time gives you that chance. Also, consider the day of the week. Weekends seem to produce more likes, but if you’re looking for comments Thursday and Friday appear to be more promising.

3. Give a Call-to-Action.

Use the right words to direct the audience toward participation. Whether you ask them to “post,” “comment,” or “tell us,” make sure it prompts action. Be direct and intentional with what you tell your audience to do—they will listen.

4. Ask Questions.

Asking questions is a great way to gain comments. Don’t just ask any question, though. Some questions haven’t shown much profit. Questions that begin with “where,” “should,” and “when” generate the highest engagement, while “would” questions gain more likes. 

5. Have Fun!

Whether it’s a game, trivia, or something similar, fun attracts people. Ask your audience to give their best guesses and encourage them to get their friends involved as well. Make it enjoyable, and people will interact with your posts.

If more participation on your Facebook posts and statuses is what you desire, these five things can help boost your engagement. Find what works, and have fun with it. Fun and joy bring interaction.

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