5 Traits to Look for When Hiring a Marketing Agency

Mar 24, 2016 | 212 Articles, Business, Marketing

Whether you need full-scale marketing campaigns, a custom website, or a new brochure design, hiring the right partner is crucial. At 212, we operate under the acronym HEART. All of our employees meet these criteria, and we think the definitions we attach to these letters are a great reference for you to use when choosing your marketing partner.

H – Humble

Humility is important if you want to have an open, strategic conversation with your marketing agency—and expect them actually take your thoughts into account. One of the most damaging things for growing companies is having a marketing partner who isn’t willing to listen because they believe they know it all. Our focus on hiring humble employees also ties into our desire to continue learning and growing across our individual specialties as well as client verticals.

E – Effective

We expect our team to work hard and show results from their efforts. We also encourage efficiency to minimize errors and maximize productivity. If your new partner can show you results from past successes, you’re on the right track.

A – Adaptable

Having a marketing partner is great when everything is going according to schedule, but what happens when circumstances force you to change direction suddenly? Can your marketing group adapt? Are they nimble and flexible enough to change course and keep up with the demands of your market? At 212, we have a tightknit team of multi-talented individuals who are all willing to pitch in to rework our marketing efforts if a client needs us to. Unexpected things happen all the time—make sure your partner can adjust to your needs.

R – Remarkable

After humility, this trait falls into the second-place slot for us when it comes to hiring new team members. We seek talented individuals who stand out in their fields. The result? A gifted group of people who turn out remarkable work for our clients. Make sure your marketing partner has a history of consistent, outstanding work. 

T – Transparent

We often tell clients and prospects that if they want a completely black website with a black background and black text, we will do it for them. But first, we tell them why it is a bad idea, why it will be ineffective, and how we can improve it. We’re not afraid to tell someone that an idea is bad—we want our clients to communicate directly about our work, too. Open and transparent communication is the best way to reach decisions in all relationships, both internal and external, and to produce quality work together with our clients.

Hiring a marketing partner is a big decision that can have a huge impact on your revenue stream. Make sure you take the time to research your prospective partner and run through the HEART checklist before signing the contract.

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