5 Ways to Thank Your Clients

Aug 8, 2013 | Brand, Customer Service, Professionalism

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Think about the last time you had a bad day at work. Maybe it was two weeks ago, yesterday, or perhaps you’re pretty upset right now. How would you feel if your boss brought in a box of cookies? What if, in the middle of the work day, he stopped the hustle and bustle to celebrate how well you collaborated with your team on your last project?

You’d feel a lot better, right? I mean…you’re human. We all long for attention and praise, no matter how large or small our egos.

Now apply that scenario to your clients. Maybe you’ve already made them happy. Or, maybe you want to improve your interactions with customers. Read this using Morpheus’ voice from The Matrix: “What if I told you that content clients are okay, but happy clients will bring you more clients?”

Teach Your Clients

Educating your customers can play a major part in how they perceive your company. This perception and knowledge will help them when talking to your potential clients down the road.

Clients who are unsure about what your business does may stumble over key words in your industry. They may also question whether your services are absolutely necessary to their success if they don’t understand your role.

Wow Your Clients

Give your clients a story to tell. Give them a reason to talk to their business partners about how awesome your customer service is. Wow them with your skills and attention to detail.

Spotlight Clients

Mention clients on social media or your website (or anything) to shine a light on them. Why not? It lets them know you’re thinking about and appreciate them—just make sure you’re genuine about it. Try featuring a “client of the month” in your newsletter. Or be really bold and highlight a client’s service on your website.

Send a Treat

Gentlemen, you do exactly what Bruno Mars says he should’ve done—you buy your lady flowers, right? Why not treat your client to a morning full of donuts? Cookies go a long way after lunch. Perhaps you can do what one of my favorite creative design agencies, Carrot Creative (@Carrot), does and have a launch party for a client. You’re only limited by your creativity.

Refer Their Businesses

This whole blog post is about genuinely thanking clients in order to gain more clients. Think about what this could mean for your company if it created an endless cycle of client referrals. It might go something like this:

  1. You send a thank you.
  2. The recipient refers a potential client to you.
  3. You refer someone to them.

This process could repeat until you find yourself in a network of partners—with potential clients being thrown around like they’re an Oprah giveaway.

BONUS: Send a Card on Anniversaries and Holidays

If you can determine the exact date a client started his business, you’re golden. (But don’t be discouraged if you can’t. Acknowledging the month and year is just as good.) If a customer is celebrating his fifth, tenth, or another key year in business, take advantage of the opportunity.

In the long run, thanking your clients helps your company grow. If nothing comes from it, don’t give up. Be confident that someone, somewhere down the line, will turn into your personal advertiser without even knowing it.

And it’s all because you did something nice for somebody.

Josh Brown
Senior Graphic Ideator
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