5 Ways Video Contributes to Your Marketing Strategy

Oct 8, 2013 | Marketing, Video

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You’ve probably seen videos pushing new deals and products so much that you were compelled to change the channel or click to a new page. (We all have!) Don’t let this deter your company from incorporating video into its marketing strategy. Today, I’ll tell you why and how to use video effectively—so that your target audience won’t reach for the remote or mouse.

You’re probably wondering how producing videos can benefit your business. With more than 200 million videos viewed on YouTube every day, this is worth investigating. Let’s look at how video impacts marketing:

1. A Mobile World

It seems like everyone owns a smartphone, spending hours browsing online, texting friends, and playing games each day. With so many mobile users—most of whom spend roughly 70% of that time watching videos—it seems like a no-brainer. Videos can summarize everything a potential customer needs to know about your company in minutes. When you provide this kind of a resource to a mobile user, it saves him time and energy, rather than scrounging around your site to read about your business. A video lets viewers sit back and enjoy themselves while receiving this information in a creative way. Plus, it boosts your mobile traffic stats.

2. Engage Me!

Thanks to the social media movement, people want to be engaged by the companies they like. One of the easiest ways to provide what they want is through (you guessed it) video. Offering a visual representation of your company helps you reach the visually oriented, who wouldn’t otherwise take the time to read about what you do. A video is more personal. It shows that you’re attempting to be directly involved with your clients. Since video can be viewed from just about anywhere, people can watch in the comfort of their own homes. Reduce the busywork for your customers, and instead allow them to feel engaged and relaxed.

3. What About my Bank Account?

Cost is often a concern when considering new marketing strategies. But with video, there’s no need to worry. Producing videos has never been more cost-effective. Mobile devices, such as the iPad, have the capability to take high-quality clips. Depending on which platforms you post your videos on, it can cost as little as free. Longer promotional videos require added funding, but the potential return is clearly worth the investment.

4. Platforms for Launch

It may not be the final frontier, but the space you explore while creating and posting videos may result in the best expedition your company has ever embarked upon. Aside from obvious TV ads, you have several other ways to present your videos to the public. Creating a YouTube channel not only makes it easier for customers to jump onboard with your vision, but also offers a whole new category of potential clients. You can take advantage of the web user’s curious addiction to watch the next suggested video, and possibly his interest overall.

Instagram is another platform to consider. Short clips are the latest craze, and Instagram lets you assemble them without a rocket scientist working in the editing programs. Simply download the app and shoot an appealing video straight from your smartphone. Vine video is a simpler version of this that’s currently trending on Facebook. Using these tools, you can create shareable assets, boosting your marketing with every like or share. To put it in Star Trek terms, if you want your online video audience to “live long and prosper,” engage them at “full thrusters.”

5. Video Strategy Under Construction

I could give you more reasons your company should make videos—but what’s the use if you’re not sure how to effectively create them? Being a former construction laborer for a large contracting company, I can tell you that the most important part of any project is its foundation. When you decide to make a video, start with the basics and build up. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What is the main message we want to convey?
  2. Who is our target audience?
  3. How will the main message apply to the target audience?
  4. What is the call-to-action?

A well-built video will represent your company clearly and unobtrusively. It will directly engage the viewer and present a call-to-action. Here is an excellent example of a well-constructed advertisement that received a huge amount of traffic in a matter of days:

(Note: This clip contains some strong language.)

Incorporating video into your marketing strategy is easy, affordable, highly appealing, engaging, shareable, and good for mobile traffic. Video is what your marketing strategy needs. Do it right, be creative, and have fun watching your potential clients and social media traffic grow.

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