7 Barriers to Great Marketing

Dec 8, 2016 | 212 Articles, 212 Media Studios, Brand, Marketing


You’ve heard that a great marketing campaign could fix your business’ problems, boost sales, and improve your reputation. Sounds nice—but several problems are holding you back. Effective marketing requires money and time that could be spent elsewhere.

If you were convinced that your ROI would be high, you wouldn’t think twice about it. Is investing in great marketing worth the risk?

We know it is. Consider these seven problems most companies face and how strategic marketing can solve them.


1. Budget Constraints: Its too expensive. My company would never invest in a marketing plan.”

The Problem: You don’t have room in your budget for marketing. You’d have to find things to cut. Or, if business is good, why cut into profits?

The Solution: Sometimes all it takes is a step back to realize that spending a little more on effective marketing will drive sales and increase your budget overall. Even if sales are good now, think of the future. Today’s consumers demand more from companies. They want to know you can be trusted and that buying your product or service is something they can be proud of. If your image in the market is poor—or non-existent—you are hurting yourself in the long run. Cutting corners or holding to the status quo will not work for long. A strong marketing plan pays for itself over time.

Hiring an agency is usually less expensive than hiring full-time staff, and many talented people will be devoted to managing your projects. Find a marketing partner who is willing to provide a strategic plan. A good partner will work with you on budget constraints and help you reach your goals.


2. Sales Focus: My business is fully dedicated to sales and current accounts. Only personal contacts work.”

The Problem: Maybe marketing to the masses or even specific demographics is not your style. While personal networks are the building blocks of a good business, longevity and brand recognition in the market require more.

The Solution: Inbound marketing is driven by personalized interactions. It’s all about relationships. Inbound marketing establishes your business as a subject-matter expert and reliable source in your industry as you produce content that is helpful and accurate. When people begin to look to you for information, they have already started to trust you.

You’ve laid the groundwork of a relationship by meeting specific needs, allowing for a shorter sales cycle and more relationships. The story-telling nature of inbound marketing internalizes your message for consumers, giving them a personal connection to your company.


3. Doubts: Marketing just doesnt work for my company or industry.”

The Problem: It may feel like no one in your industry does marketing. Your products don’t scream “marketing material.”

The Solution: Today’s marketing capabilities are broadening by the day. Whether it is refreshing your logo, creating compelling sales brochures, or building a user-friendly website to showcase your products’ quality, there are opportunities for branding/marketing to tell your story and reach your niche audience.


4. No Contacts: My business doesnt have a strong contact base. Who would we market to?”

The Problem: You don’t know where to start. Apart from the occasional poster or ad, you’ve never done any marketing. You’re not sure who to email or which platforms would suit best.

The Solution: It’s never too late to start. The good news is that industry sources are usually available. Whether advertising in magazines, industry portals, social media, or mailings, there is a way to reach your target audience. Find a marketing partner who will find the best options for you and create a plan accordingly. At 212 Media Studios, we hold a “Story Retreat” to understand your business thoroughly, learn about your buyers and industry position, and provide a full marketing plan based on that feedback. Interested? Click here.


5. Lack of Marketing Infrastructure: Everyone is too busy. Who would have time to manage marketing?”

The Problem: You feel like you can’t follow up with additional leads or oversee new projects. With all the hats your team wears, no one has time for marketing or a marketing partnership.

The Solution: If you build a relationship with your agency based on trust in their expertise, you can allow them to produce top-quality marketing pieces for you. They can advise the best options for your company. A strong marketing partnership lets you focus on your work, knowing that your agency is creating more attention and driving leads on your behalf.


6. Poor Timing: My company is often in transition. We can’t market consistently.”

The Problem: You’ve been putting off investing in marketing because too much is happening. Your staff can’t manage it right now. Maybe in six months you will be in a better position…

The Solution: Transitional periods can be the best time to introduce new ideas and set new standards, especially when considering the future of the company. What feels like a risk now could be a huge payoff in the future. Establishing your brand and reach in your industry can create greater stability through the changes.


7. No Strategy: We need to focus on whats at hand. A strategic marketing plan sounds too complicated or unnecessary right now.”

The Problem: You don’t feel the need to market your company. A new brochure is all you need, right?

The Solution: Before beginning a new marketing piece, we always ask our clients how they plan to use it. The answer is normally along the lines of, “Well, we’d give it to people if they ask, or just put it online.” If you don’t have a plan for a brochure and how it ties into everything else you publish—and you don’t have a distribution strategy—you are just wasting money. Marketing will continue to seem useless.

Each marketing tactic must have an objective. Everything should play a part in the big picture of your business’ success story. Every piece of the puzzle matters. Neglecting one area, such as a user-friendly website or social media presence, could cost you.

What is your reason for not actively marketing your company? Is there potential for better sales and greater brand awareness? If you said “yes,” 212 Media Studios is glad to help you get started. Contact us here to get in touch.

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