9 Typos that are Bad Enough to be April Fools’ Jokes

Apr 1, 2014 | Communication, Content Generation, Content Marketing, Professionalism

By now you’ve probably been bombarded with enough April Fools’ pranks and fibs—and it’s only 4:45 p.m. Instead of giving you another ruse, we thought we’d do something different.

We’ve pulled together some of our “favorite” typos and misprints from around the web. Most of these are bad enough to be April Fools’ jokes—but, unfortunately, they are not. Enjoy! And take to heart the importance of proofreading.

Click on each image to see a full-sized version.

1. It’s all about the details…Or is it detals?

Stratford Hall ad typo
Source: Entros

2. Mom’s and Dad’s what? Punctuation matters.

Graduation greeting card typo

Source: Huffington Post

3. It makes you wonder if your GPS has been living a lie.

Typo on street sign

Source: trendhunter.com

4. Perhaps every employee manual should start with how to spell the product’s name. Poor Boxster.

Porsche ad typo
Source: BuzzFeed

5. “Stay in shcool!”

Typo in school crossing

Source: The Guardian

6. Tators, guppies, and chicken diapers? What is this, Thanksgiving?

Typo in menu
Source: Huffington Post

7. They might get famous, but maybe not for the right reasons.

Suspension bridge ad typo

Source: Funnytypos.com

8. “Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor at the U.S. Department of State” vs. interior designer. No biggie.

Vogue correction of typo

Source: Poynter

9. We saved the worst for last. (But honestly, that title is still up for debate.)

Commencement program typo

Source: JimRomensko

That’s enough for one day. Have you encountered any hilarious errors? Tweet or Instagram us!

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