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Oct 9, 2012 | Blogs, Customer Service, Search Engines

Blogging is a companies most powerful and useful marketing tools. Shocking, but true!

Nearly 40% of U.S. companies use blogs for marketing purposes according to Hubspot.
If done properly, blogging can bring long-term visibility to your company and increase your sales and revenue like other marketing channels do! Blogs can help increase sales in 3 ways!

1.) You Become a Thought Leader in Your Space- Writing unique content that shares the knowledge of your employees and expertise of your company. Hearing the voices and getting to know the employees of your company through a blog gives people a reason to trust you and the services you offer! Think about it, when you know a person who works at a company you are more likely to work with that company just because you have a contact there. A blog that involves all of your employees is a way to humanize your company and create relationships with customers and potential clients.

2.) Free Space for Calls to Action- Your blog should never be about selling your product. It is not just another mass marketing platform where you are free to try to cram your product information into the lives of consumers. A call to action does not mean pressure sales either. A good example of effectively using your blog for effective calls to action would be something along the lines of – “Blogging is a crucial part of your marketing mix. There are a lot of blog experts out there that can offer tips or advice on effective blogging. If you have questions don’t be afraid to ask! Here at 212 Media Studios we’re glad to answer any questions you have! Just send us an email at info@212mediastudios.com!”

3.) Search Engine Optimization- This one is pretty simple. The more blogs you post the more indexed pages search engines have to display on your behalf.  This means a better chance your pages come up higher in search engine results. Why not take advantage of the opportunity to communicate with your customer base and increase your SEO?

4.) BONUS Blogs allow the writer to share knowledge and experiences with others. It provides a potential teaching opportunity that could impact one of your readers!

Does your company use Blogging as a part of your marketing mix? How effective do you think blogs are? Let us know below!

Dustin Hickle
Media Specialist

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