212: At 211°F, water is hot. At 212°F, it’s boiling! With boiling water comes steam, which can power engines, turbines, locomotives, even cities. One degree makes all the difference in the world. Our marketing services help our clients’ dreams come true. With our help, anything is possible. You’ve got your engine—let us power it.


Media: Today, everything touches media. We embrace all forms of media: print, digital, social, multi-, television, music, mobile—everything. For the past several years, marketing has been all about media. We embrace that. Heck, we put it in our name; we must think it’s important.


Studios: We’re not really an office. And we’re not really a firm. With all of the media coming to life here, we need a place to put it—hence our studios!


There you have it: 212 Media Studios. We’re a full-service marketing agency focused on turning your plans and dreams into an amazing story of success.

Every story has a beginning. Before we start any campaign, we first learn our client’s history, market, products, and voice. Our two-day, on-location Story Retreat employs interactive sessions to allow us to identify your company’s unique set of values. We listen, learn, and establish a thorough understanding of your company and your marketing needs.


The initial plan is just the beginning. We collaborate with you to ensure our work is telling the correct story. Working together as partners, we create consistent and compelling messages that get the attention of your customers.


Once we understand your needs, product, and market, we begin an intensive research phase. We identify appropriate media outlets, create initial messaging concepts, and begin to lay out the projected timeline for product/message releases. Then, we provide a comprehensive marketing plan with expected launch timelines, key messages, and the best locations for investing advertising dollars.


Any agency that doesn’t measure the impact of its advertising is wasting your time and money. How can you know if a campaign is successful without hard data? We measure everything we do at 212, which allows us to adjust quickly to industry trends or new technologies.


“Our job is to connect to people, to interact with them in a way that leaves them better than we found them, more able to get where they’d like to go.” – Seth Godin



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