This month we focused on spring cleaning and detoxing some of those old marketing strategies that can come off as stale and off-putting.

We shared experiences of our own, offered some positive reminders, and also challenged you to take a look at your own practices compared to your competition and make real, practical changes. If you missed any of our blogs in the last month this post is for you!

The Marketing Scheme of Mr. Clean
This post highlights the marketing tactics of the Mr. Clean mascot. Not only has his product spanned 50 years—it’s still going strong. But how? And how can you mimic that success?

3 Ways to Detox Outdated Company Methods
It’s easy watching shows like Restaurant Impossible from the outside and pointing out all of the flaws we see. But, it’s not fun to look in the mirror and recognize your own toxic situations and practices. Here are three ways you can detox your old company methods.

Don’t Get Washed Out by the Competition!
Look around, and I’ll bet you see competitors have encroached on your marketplace. How can you win in the ever-growing competitive market? We listed three ways: 1. Make it easier to use. 2. Have better customer service. 3. Web enable everything. Check out the article for more!

Orderly Posting: A 60 Second Social Media Tip!
The purpose of this blog is to give you a quick social media tip that you can take and immediately begin using to help improve your social media marketing.

Collier’s Offers More Than Clean Air
Effective marketing strategies require a clean approach—knowing what and why you do what you do. Our client, Collier’s Heating and Air, does this well.

Cultivating Sparling Leads
Cultivating a lead is very similar to growing vegetables. We can look at a few commonalities to help you produce the fruit (results) you really want.

If you missed out on any of these great articles, you really missed some important insight! Go check out whichever ones you missed.

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