April Showers Bring May Flowers

May 6, 2015 | Uncategorized

It’s a fact of life—storms happen. In business, it may be a drizzle or escalate to a hurricane. It’s what you do in the eye of the storm that will make or break your business.

We know. We’ve experienced storms ourselves—some as recently as a few months ago. This time last year our business looked and operated very differently.

We experienced some drizzle. So, we adjusted our focus. We patched up a few leaks.

We said “hello” to new co-workers and “goodbye” to others. The clouds were pretty dark, and the rain poured.

We gained new owners.

The biggest change and challenge was our rebrand. The winds were pretty intense, and the thunder and lightning were on the scary side.

The process wasn’t easy. Change rarely is. Some days (and weeks) were downright hard. As Content Strategist Ashley Mazelin puts it, “Rebranding creates many unknowns. But even though it was scary at times, I really think it was the best thing for our company. We needed to change. Now that we are on the other side, I feel that we have a much tighter bond. We have a renewed sense of purpose and a stronger determination.”
We started to notice that the downpour was turning into a drizzle. And in the midst of the challenges, it was exciting, too!

With our rebrand, we worked hard to refocus and revamp our services, and therefore expand and improve our reputation in the community. Chief Marketing Officer Dave Phelps says, “Our goal was to streamline our processes while also refocusing on some core business. The change, while initially hard on some of the staff, proved to be positive to our clients and our employees. There is a renewed focus on what’s important, and a renewed energy internally as the employees are seeing process improvements. Externally, the impact has been that our reputation as subject matter experts (versus generalists) has grown tremendously. Our renewed focus has allowed us to provide a higher level of service to our clients.”

Even though our rebrand took place only six months ago, we are already seeing great results. “I’ve received positive reactions to the rebrand,” says Jeff Secaur, Community Manager. “Recently at a business breakfast, a client spoke very favorably of their experience in working with us on a video project. They mentioned the huge difference in partnering with us, compared to their previous provider who made the process difficult. So, the good word is getting out.” See? There’s some sunshine!

Marketing Strategist and Director of Social Media Dustin Hickle adds, “One major change I have seen is a better understanding of everything we offer. It is more common for people to know that we are a marketing company. Our rebrand has helped us establish ourselves as a strong competitor within our industry, with more polished services and pricing that helps us compete. The rebrand allowed us a fresh start, with new plans, new processes, and an opportunity to build something great again.”

Ultimately, we gave ourselves an updated and stronger foundation for years to come. “A rebranding is often a way to have a fresh start,” says Scott Devlin, Motion Media Director, “to publically say ‘we’ve learned a lot, and we’re different now. Come try the new us.’”

The most recent change for 212 has been our office move. It wasn’t a drastic move…just down the hall, actually. But it brought all of us into an open area, where no one is isolated by walls and doors. “Moving to the smaller area has helped us work better together,” says Executive Assistant Melissa Katip. “Being closer together physically has made us closer in other ways, making us more interactive and productive as a team.”

As the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers.” So, take heart—the storm will pass. The winds may blow a bit harder before the sun shines brighter. And yet, we as a company can honestly say that without the storms we’ve faced, we wouldn’t have such a clear insight or heart for other businesses that are going through something similar.

This is why we love coming alongside to help you ride out the storm and tell your story. Every story has conflict. For some, it starts with “it was a dark and stormy night…” It’s the storm that reveals your tenacity and passion, launching your business to the next level of excellence.

So dance in the rain instead of cowering at thunder! The blooms are worth it.

For more on our rebrand, and how we took our own advice, read this blog post  and our eBook.

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