If You Aren’t Using These 5 Social Media Tools, You Are Losing

Jul 14, 2014 | Apps, Social Media

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Running a social media campaign in your marketing efforts is pretty mandatory in this day and age. Almost all consumers have some type of social networking account, so maintaining a presence on one or more is critical in reaching every aspect of your buyer persona.

However, social media management can be a full-time job. Lumped on top of your other responsibilities, it can be downright daunting. But have no fear—here are five social media management tools you can use to help get your marketing on the right track.

1. HootSuite

This popular program is the crème de la crème of social media management. HootSuite users can manage and post to multiple accounts within one convenient location. You can schedule messages, read detailed analytics, and engage with your audience. Thirty-five media sites can be managed through HootSuite and over 100 apps are available within the App Directory. From small businesses to full enterprises, HootSuite is your one-stop shop for managing any social media campaign. The program offers a 30-day free trial, or remains free for up to three social media sites and up to 50 social media profiles. To learn more about this management tool, visit their website, hootsuite.com.

2. Bitly

Bitly is an amazing resource for marketers. It shortens URLs to make your content easier to share online. With custom Bitlinks, the service also allows users to optimize URLs for higher click-through rates. Bitly provides analytics indicating what the audience is clicking, where traffic is coming from, and what is being shared—all in real time. To learn more about this awesome management tool, visit bitly.com.

3. Sprout Social

This social media management site helps marketers achieve engagement with their networks, notifying users via a single inbox of comments or messages left on their pages. It also features scheduled publishing to sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. Along with great analytics, Sprout can divide tasks between multiple people in real time, boosting collaboration in team-based environments. The software offers a risk-free, 30-day trial, then starts out with a package at $59 per user per month. To learn more, visit sproutsocial.com.

4. Buffer

Buffer and HootSuite are quite similar in their offerings, though each brings something unique to the table. This management program allows its users to collaborate, schedule posts, and manage multiple social media accounts at once. It also creates detailed analytics to help your business bring its best social media marketing campaign. The program can determine when and what your audience is clicking, offering valuable insight on the best times to reach your target market. Buffer also offers a free 30-day trial. Pricing for additional plans depends on the size of your company. They start at $50 per month for a small business looking to manage 25 different accounts. To learn more about Buffer, visit bufferapp.com.

5. Tweepi

Tweepi is a tool for managing your Twitter account. It’s difficult to keep up with the constant changes occurring minute by minute on a Twitter newsfeed, not to mention the thousands of accounts added each day. However, with Tweepi, managing your Twitter followers is easy. This program helps accounts by unfollowing users who don’t follow you back, cleaning out followers who are inactive, reciprocating a follow to users who follow your account, and more. Tweepi is free, but does offer upgrades starting at $7.49 per month. To learn more about this tool, visit tweepi.com.

Social media management doesn’t have to be an overwhelming job. Take your campaign to the next level by researching which management tools are right for you. And remember, 212 Media Studios is here to help! To find out how our team of professionals can assist you with social media management, please get in touch!

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