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Sep 13, 2013 | Brand

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Brand management and public relations (PR) go hand in hand in today’s “always-on” world of internet and mobile users. Our world is now in constant communication via social media and online message boards, creating an immediate generation of product and service reviews that hit widespread audiences within minutes. How a business handles society’s constant communication can make or break its reputation.

For a brand to stand out, it must be able to generate favorable publicity in the media. PR is often used as a way to build a brand’s reputation and to protect the ideas and values of a company. Through positive media placement and content, PR can establish and maintain a business’ credibility and image within its market.

A brand is largely established through publicity, not traditional advertising. PR is commonly used as a long-term source for creating a brand’s positive perception. Marketing guru Al Reis said, “Publicity is more powerful than advertising…what others say about your brand is much more powerful than advertising.”

PR connects the customer to the brand and sustains the relationship. It fosters brand education, customer loyalty, and public opinions. It also manages brand-related crises and helps build credibility. PR reinforces a relationship between a company, its brand, and the public.

Monitoring what the general public is saying about your brand on various media helps keep your brand’s reputation in tact. Using programs like Google Alerts, you can be notified of what is being said across the web about your company. In doing so, proactive PR can help manage a potential crisis before it becomes a brand disaster.

Here are some ways to use proactive PR to maintain your brand’s value in the public eye:

1. Know your Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs)

What comes up when your brand is searched online? Is it positive? Are the results leading potential customers to the right places?

2. Gain Third-Party Endorsements (TPEs)

One of the best ways to spread your brand is through TPEs. Getting a word-of-mouth endorsement from another organization, customer, or media event can enhance the credibility of your brand and increase awareness. If your organization is harnessing great content, people will want to share it, creating positive buzz and a greater reach for your organization. 

3. Plan for crisis

The best way to handle a crisis is to plan for it in advance. To maintain your brand’s positive reputation, your company must know how to successfully combat controversy when it arises.

PR is not just behind-the-scenes work. It can place a company in popular news and media, align promotional activities with the company’s brand values, and help your organization sustain relevant marketing. A good PR campaign creates brand awareness and generates favorable publicity in today’s media-driven world.

Bethany Alcock
Content Specialist
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