Branding: Ain't Nobody Got Time for That!

May 11, 2012 | Brand, PayProMedia, Social Media

Brand. What is it? What is it not? Brand is one of those words that is as misunderstood as it is popular right now. Even now as you read this sentence you have in your mind some sort of definition of what Brand is. At 212 Media Studios, we work hard to educate our clients and staff about exactly what a Brand is and how it affects companies and individuals daily. Because when it comes to marketing, if you don’t have a clear understanding of exactly what a Brand is, you’re wasting your time, and as my web crush Sweet Brown says: “Ain’t nobody got time for that!!”

Now before I get into what Brand actually is, let me first do a little myth busting here and explain to you what Brand isn’t.

Brand is not a logo. I’m not saying that a logo isn’t important; of course it is. What I am saying though is that, although logo affects your brand awareness, it’s not your brand.

So what is brand? Simply put, your brand is the gut feeling about a product, service, or organization. It’s a GUT FEELING because people are emotional, intuitive beings. It’s a person’s GUT FEELING because brands are defined by individuals, not companies or markets. Your Brand can have the same effect on the gut like a midnight trip to Wienerschnitzel.

As I’m sitting here writing this blog, sweating in my Crocs, I’m thinking you might not totally understand what I mean about this gut feeling about Brand, so let me put it this way:

Earlier I said that you could have an awful product and a great brand. Now I know that seems hard to believe, right? I mean, how could you have an awful product that people still support and love? Let me give you an example:

That’s right, the Chicago Cubs are an excellent example of an absolutely awful product with a great brand. Now hear me out before you close out your browser. If the goal of a sports team is win games and win championships, your Chicago Cubs have failed miserably. Year after year they continue to produce a subpar product to record crowds. People love the Cubs. They fill Wrigley hoping and praying that the inevitable won’t happen, but instead get another losing season. It may sound harsh, but it’s true. The Cubs are a great example of why your product can be awful but your Brand can be stellar.

Listen, you don’t need to be Ace of Base here to read The Sign. Your Brand is important…no, vital to your company’s growth and success. With that said, how do you wrap your hands around something so lively as the gut feeling people have when they think about you and your business? It’s a tough question to consider, but we definitely have solutions that can help you navigate these waters. Contact us any time and we’ll be glad to help you.

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