Building Team Chemistry in the Office

Apr 16, 2013 | Communication, Good Working Environment

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Let’s talk about team chemistry. Everywhere you have a few people working toward the same goal, you have a team. Inevitably, any time you have a team, you have a certain level of team chemistry. Having a strong team chemistry is very beneficial to any team, and your team in the office is no different.

Ideally on any team, each member has a well defined role. Each team member has specific talents and abilities, and uses those different skills to accomplish different tasks. Each business has different needs from its team, and will need to have certain people in place to meet each of the those needs. In order to build team chemistry, each team member needs to have a role in the team and understand how their role affects the company as a whole.  If every team member knows their role, is a good fit for their role, and understands how their role affects the company, you’re off to a great start in building team chemistry.

Another important aspect of team chemistry is the “corporate atmosphere.” Every business has their own atmosphere, and there aren’t necessarily any right or wrongs when it comes to work environment. Certain people will thrive in different environments than others, and finding people that fit your corporate atmosphere is an important part of maximizing chemistry and productivity.

A third piece of this puzzle is individual interaction. Individuals will always gravitate towards certain types of people, but it is important to create opportunities for everyone to interact with each other. This can be done through company lunches, special events, or holiday dinners. It gives everyone a chance to sit down with the entire team in a comfortable environment and will help build relationships on the individual level.

So, the three main areas that you can look at to help build your office team chemistry are having well defined-roles, building an ideal corporate environment, and building individual interaction. While not easy to implement, it will be well worth it to have a strong team mentality that will increase productivity and minimize conflicts.

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