Business Ethics

Oct 5, 2013 | Good Working Environment, Professionalism

Characteristics of business ethics

Business ethics are defined as the moral principles which govern a business’ behavior. Business ethics are broken down into four main categories: integrity, honesty, responsibility, and confidentiality.


Clients want to do business with a company they can trust. The assured reliance on character, ability, strength, and truth of a business is what establishes its integrity. When trust is at the core of a business, it is easy to recognize.

To establish trust in your business, ask for opinions and feedback from both clients and team members. It’s also important to honor all commitments and obligations you have with clients. Doing so will help you manage your brand effectively.


Honest business practice inspires both staff and customers to respect your business and its mission. When employers deal honestly with their staff, the employees are then motivated to drive the business forward. Practicing honesty within your business builds a foundation of trust with colleagues, competitors, staff, customers, and all other entities your business contacts.


A business’ responsibility is to maximize its positive impact. There are more ways to do this than making monetary donations. One way is offering to volunteer at a local organization. Use your social media presence to bring awareness to the cause and your contributions to it. This is a great way to help others get on board and see your responsibility in action. Partnering with a specific cause and representing them on your website, and as part of your company’s mission and values is another great way to demonstrate your social responsibility as a business.


If your company collects confidential information on clients and/or employees, make sure you take the steps needed to keep that information hidden. The key to this is intentionality. Your goal is to prevent anyone from getting access to confidential information unless you intentionally release it. Set up proper measures to ensure this information remains safe.

How are you using business ethics in your daily operations?

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