Buyer Personas: Engaging Your Target Market

Mar 25, 2021 | 212 Articles, Brand, Buyer Persona, Strategy

Buyer personas are generalized, fictional representations of your ideal consumer base. They equip you to better understand your customers and tailor content to their unique needs, concerns, and behaviors.

Our eBook, Buyer Personas: Strategies for Growth, explores the ways in which your company can utilize buyer personas to find the right target and meet your audience where they are. As a preview, here are three of our favorite tips—download the white paper to see all seven.

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1. Generate Content for a Specific Audience
Websites built using buyer persona profiles are two to five times more effective than other sites. Personas give you insight into your customer’s demographics and habits, allowing you to develop a site with them in mind. Creating content-based on this data is a surefire way to grab your target’s attention. By solving a problem or answering a question, your blogs, eBooks, and social media posts should be purposeful and precise.

2. Use Their Language
Full-scale buyer personas allow you to learn how your audience communicates. What terms or phrases do they use? What common ideas could you incorporate into your social media posts or blogs?

With research, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of how customers in your specific community interact. Combining their lingo with your brand’s voice and identity will help foster a long-term relationship between company and consumer.

3. Weed Out Negative Personas
While a buyer persona is a representation of your ideal audience, a “negative” persona is a representation of who doesn’t fit that audience. This could include students who only engage with your content for knowledge/research, professionals who are too advanced for your product or service, or potential clients who are simply too expensive to acquire.

Segmenting negative personas from the rest of your contacts will help you achieve a lower cost per lead and higher sales productivity. Determining these negative personas is just as important as determining buyer personas.

To learn more about buyer personas as they relate to co-marketing, reallocating your ad spend, finding the best channels, and auditing your existing content, download our eBook.

Only 44% of B2B marketers use buyer personas effectively. These profiles require time, money, and resources, but they also provide invaluable opportunities for engagement.

At 212 Media Studios, we’ve developed highly successful ways of defining a company’s buyer personas. For more information, download our eBook or schedule a free strategy session with our team.

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