The Challenges and Excitement of a Start-Up

Aug 1, 2014 | Small Business

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“Bend your knees and lift together.”

These six words have a deep meaning to the new owner of 212 Media Studios. Justin Farrell has worked for the company since its beginnings and has helped it become what it is today. He’s been through the ups and downs, the failures and the successes. Through it all, Farrell says that these six words were the best advice ever given to him. “I love that statement. It is the perfect example of what a start-up is. We are all in this together, and will only be successful if everyone lifts together.” The idea of working as a team is important to not only Farrell but the entire staff.

During the fall semester of my senior year in high school, I had the opportunity to be a 212 Media Studios intern. It was one of the best experiences of my life. In fact, it led me to come back as a full-time employee this summer. What instantly caught my attention was the environment of hard work and intense imagination. Each person is creative in his own way, collaborating on ideas and acting as a team. This group relies on one another, pushes each other, encourages everyone to do the best they can, and continually learns together. This is something I wish everyone could experience in life.

Teamwork and equality are huge in the 212 Media Studios office. No matter what position you hold or what “rank” you may be considered, inside these walls we are treated as equals. As a high school intern, I often told my peers and teachers how great it was to feel like I was on the same level as business professionals. Plus, the workplace relationships extend beyond the nine-to-five. Most employees are friends after business hours. Often times, our staff plays volleyball or soccer on a random Tuesday night. We have been known to have the occasional cookout after a long week. And if anyone needs help moving or building something, the 212 Media Studios team has each other’s backs. We connect on more than an office level, which encourages high-quality work and dedication. Farrell is largely responsible for the growth of this welcoming atmosphere that draws you in almost instantly.

Regarding his role at the start-up company, Farrell says it has been fun, exhilarating, and rewarding. But it also includes a lot of work, pressure, and even failure. “The biggest thing is picking yourself up, brushing off your shoulders, and pushing forward again,” he says. “The hardest thing about starting from nothing was the unknown.” But Farrell has loved watching it grow to what it is—seeing everyday products, processes, and communication improved and perfected. He is thankful for his talented team, and for the opportunity to watch and help them grow on a daily basis. He loves seeing the team succeed, which results in success for our clients.

Although 212 Media Studios and Farrell have come a long way from day one, there are still challenges to face, and there always will be. He says he is personally still working through the obstacles of scalability, delegation, and communication. But as with so much else at 212 Media Studios, we are all working through these things together.

His advice for others looking to do the same is: “Be completely dedicated. It is not a matter of only giving 100%. Be ready to give 200%, or more.” Starting a company from scratch goes beyond opportunity and resources; it takes heart, passion, and a lot of grunt work. But if it’s what you truly love to do—and you’re committed to the long-run— it’s completely worth it.

No matter where you are in your life, Farrell’s advice is useful: “Work hard. Never give up. Learn to adapt and be willing to learn new things every day.”
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