Generally speaking, a great business like yours is all about hiring highly skilled, motivated people who can think for themselves. You believe in bringing in the right people—and then getting out of the way to let them do what they do best. After all, you hand-picked your team members for a reason, and empowering them to drive your business forward through good decisions just makes management sense.

Shouldn’t your expectations be just as high for the marketing firm you choose?

Well, they should be. Unfortunately, many companies forget this—partnering instead with an agency that really isn’t a partner at all. All they do is blindly take orders.

Think about it. By definition, your marketing firm should be a group of the most visionary voices in the room. They should be an incredibly trustworthy and creative team of experts, not a panel of zombies who mindlessly follow orders, offering no insights of their own. Working with a marketing team that lacks the confidence and drive to make decisions on your behalf is beyond frustrating.

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The good news is, now is the perfect time to leave past mistakes in the past. You don’t have to let 2016 be the year of the Marketing Agency Zombie Apocalypse.

Don’t hire a marketing firm you feel the need to shackle. Instead, hire someone you trust to make good decisions—generating creative ideas freely and expertly as part of a working relationship with you and your entire team.

In other words, choose a marketing agency you can count on to get your full money’s worth. If the agency has turned into a group of “yes men,” then you’re not getting the creative ideas you’re paying for. Instead, all you’re getting are rubber-stamped decisions.

We at 212 Media Studios believe in working with your business to provide you with complete, end-to-end marketing solutions. Our strategists, creators, and ideators have the experience and skills it takes to share your story through the most effective, cutting-edge technologies and marketing tactics available to date. Most importantly, you can trust us to exceed your wildest expectations.

So, what are you waiting for? Say “no” to “yes men” in 2016. To find out more about 212 Media Studios’ marketing solutions, visit

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