Christmas Giving 2015 – Dustin Hickle

Dec 10, 2015 | 212 Media Studios, Christmas, Giving

This year at 212 Media Studios we decided to do our Christmas donations a little differently. We gave each employee $250 and said, “Give this to the charity of your choice, and share with the rest of the team why you made that choice.

Dustin’s note:

My wife and I chose to donate to Combined Community Services. We love that they offer the opportunity to adopt a local family for Christmas, but they do so much more to impact the community. In college I had the chance to help with the coat drive and the food pantry. I love their mission to serve those who need help the most while still being sensitive to their sense of dignity and value them as people. They are truly lifting up people in our community!”

The 212 team has a heart for giving back—and I’m proud of them for making this a priority year after year.

See how other staff members are spreading holiday cheer too!

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