Christmas Giving 2015 – Jeff Secaur

Dec 11, 2015 | 212 Media Studios, Christmas, Non-Profit Organizations

This year at 212 Media Studios we decided to do our Christmas donations a little differently. We gave each employee $250 and said, “Give this to the charity of your choice, and share with the rest of the team why you made that choice.

Jeff’s note:

Water for Good is our choice for a local organization that has worldwide impact. I’m a good friend of the founder—and I know from his personal accounts how much of a difference clean water can make to a village. In the war-torn Central African Republic, the Water for Good headquarters was ransacked, and had many set-backs this year due to sectarian fighting, yet their work goes on in drilling and maintaining wells throughout the country. So this gift comes at a good time in helping to restore their operations.

The 212 team has a heart for giving back—and I’m proud of them for making this a priority year after year.

See how other staff members are spreading holiday cheer too!

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