Christmas Giving 2015 – Melissa Katip

This year at 212 Media Studios we decided to do our Christmas donations a little differently. We gave each employee $250 and said, “Give this to the charity of your choice, and share with the rest of the team why you made that choice.

Melissa’s note:

Adam and I chose to give to Combined Community Services. Adam and I both volunteered there in college, and I have worked with them multiple times since, including adopting a family for Christmas. We chose to support them for multiple reasons. Not only do they help people with immediate needs (providing food, clothes, financial assistance), but they also help people long-term with their self-sufficiency programs. CCS is a great organization and I’m happy to be able to support them.

The 212 team has a heart for giving back—and I’m proud of them for making this a priority year after year.

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