Combining Traditional and Social Marketing

Sep 27, 2012 | Brand, Marketing, Social Media, Technology, Traditional Marketing

In the world today companies have to reach their clients through an array of marketing channels from magazine ads to mobile applications and social media. Traditional marketing reaches a very different demographic than social. Generally speaking, traditional marketing reaches the more established and experienced consumer who has been successful for many years, while social marketing reaches the tech savvy, success-driven early adopters.

While both marketing strategies are effective and reach important market segments, traditional and social marketing could not be more different. Until recently earlier this week when Coca-Cola literally combined the two strategies.

This video shows Coca-Cola using a magazine print ad to encourage iPhone users to create a music amplifier for their app by rolling up the magazine and inserting their phones. This strategy is genius because it reaches and appeals to both market segments. Enjoy the video and leave us your thoughts below!

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By: Dustin Hickle
       Media Specialist

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