At 212 Media Studios, we’re honored to share our community with organizations that are changing lives for people in need. We know these non-profits are the lifeblood of Kosciusko County, and we make it our mission to partner with them through events, sponsorships, and volunteer opportunities. Check out all our local involvement initiatives below.

Coast-to-Coast for Hand-in-Hand Orphan Schools

We are honored to spotlight Encompass World Partners’ Hand-in-Hand Orphan Schools as their director raises awareness for the initiatives in the Central African Republic. Barb Wooler and her friend, Judi Orme, are in the middle of a 40-day, cross-country bicycle trip in honor of the 40 schools that Hand-in-Hand supports.
Follow Barb & Judi’s journey here. You can also give in honor of their coast-to-coast adventure—all proceeds raised from the ride will go directly to the orphan schools.

Annual 2/12 Day Celebration

Every year on February 12, we host an appreciation luncheon for all the non-profit organizations in Kosciusko County. We believe our non-profits are the lifeblood of our community, so we use 2/12 Day as an opportunity to thank them for making this area such a great place to live, work, and play.
On 2/12 Day, non-profit representatives get treated to a special luncheon while we celebrate everything they do—complete with food, entertainment, and even gifts! We bring in inspiring guest speakers and provide resources to help our local organizations continue to confidently serve our community. For more information about this annual event, click here.
Almost 100 guests came to our Non-Profit Appreciation Luncheon on February 12, 2020. We were thrilled to provide local organizations with an opportunity to socialize, relax, and learn about critical grant-writing best practices that will help them expand their mission.
The event culminated with the announcement of LifeTouch Ministries and Counseling as the winner of our 2020 Non-Profit Community Impact Award. Because of their creativity, innovation, and leadership in our community, LifeTouch will receive a year of free marketing services to raise awareness, improve donor engagement, and drive their fundraising initiatives.

212 Media Studios Non-Profit Community Impact Award

Local non-profits hold our community together—and we want to recognize the ones that go above and beyond to serve their clients through innovative programs, visionary leadership, and creative collaboration. That’s why we launched the 212 Media Studios Non-Profit Community Impact Award.
We award one year of free marketing services to a non-profit that demonstrates above-and-beyond commitment to our community—not just through its strategy and innovation, but in its vision for the future of Kosciusko County. The annual award-winner is announced at our 2/12 Day Non-Profit Appreciation Luncheon every February. To learn more about the award, check out this page.

212 Gives Back: A Holiday Tradition

Our team at 212 is full of diverse backgrounds, interests, and passions—so we do our Christmas giving a little differently. Rather than making an executive decision about 212’s holiday donations, we give each of our employees an extra Christmas bonus to put toward an organization of their choice.
We love that our team members are passionate about different causes, and we want to give them a platform to share about those causes. When we empower our employees to take ownership of their passions and donate to organizations they care about, we raise awareness for many local non-profits, instead of just one. To read about our employees’ donations, take a look at this year’s 212 Gives Back initiative.

Seizing Local Involvement Opportunities 

We’ve had the chance to work alongside some incredible non-profits to promote their missions and engage donors—and building those relationships has also allowed us to get personally involved in their work. To us, non-profits are not just potential clients. They’re the glue that holds our community together, and we’re devoted to supporting them with more than just our donations. We believe in this so much that it’s a company goal that we participate quarterly in some type of community involvement project.
Whether it’s packaging meals for a food-rescue service, volunteering at fundraisers, or buying Christmas gifts for local families, we want to be part of the movement to make our community better.
To stay updated on our community involvement initiatives—and see all the great work our Kosciusko County non-profits are doing—follow our Facebook page.