Consistency Across Your Marketing Mix

Sep 18, 2012 | Uncategorized

Managing all of the pieces of your marketing mix can be a daunting challenge. How do you ensure you are reaching all the potential customers that you can via print, billboard, email and social media marketing? And how much time, energy, and money should you contribute to each part of the mix? Here is the short answer – Be sure your message is consistent across all platforms and it will get easier!

Managing so many moving parts that are all different and are unrelated will do nothing but wear you down and confuse your customers. If your Facebook page looks nothing like the post cards you send out and vice versa it can be hard to distinguish that both marketing channels are related to the same company. Stick to your brand standards across designs.

Billboards should deliver the same general message as your emails blasts with consistent design and color scheme. I definitely don’t want to convey that you should just take your billboard design and send it to a mailing list. What I am saying is that your message, look and feel should flow seamlessly.

Here are a two strategies that can help you wrap your arms around all the parts of your marketing strategy and create consistency.

  1. Connect Print with Digital – Put your company website and links to your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest URL on print marketing pieces and business cards. This strategy lets people who receive your postcard know that they can connect with you multiple ways.
  2. Use online testimonials in Print Ads. People often write reviews of their experience with your company on sites like, or even on your Facebook page. These reviews are free for anyone to see and are often more truthful than in-person or survey reviews. Use this to your advantage and spread the positive feedback!

Does your company offer a consistent message across all platforms? What examples have you seen of excellent marketing consistency?

By: Dustin Hickle
       Media Specialist 

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