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Jul 5, 2018 | 212 Articles, Communication, Content Generation, Content Marketing, Creativity, Customers, E-mail

Your recent Facebook post reached 5,000 people. Congratulations! But were they the right 5,000 people? Even the right five people? It’s tough to generate quality leads in the noisy digital marketing world, and you may wonder if your efforts are going to waste. If your content is reaching many people but receiving little response, it may be time to revisit your targeting and personalization strategy.

You could have the best product in the industry, but if you’re not reaching the right people with the right content, you won’t get very far. Why should someone opt in to receive emails if the content isn’t helpful? Why should someone go out of the way to find a business when others are coming to them? According to Constellation Research, marketing campaigns without relevant content have an 83% lower response rate than campaigns offering content that educates and solves problems for readers.

Remember, content that is important to you might not be important to potential customers. Your content must be personalized to meet their needs. Try these tips to increase your quality-lead generation:

Be Sure of Your Buyer Personas
Buyer personas are crucial to personalization because they demand in-depth focus on the traits and needs of your target market. Who might buy your product? What do they value? Do they know they have a need for your solution? The more you know about your potential customers, the more you can tailor your messages and deliver them on platforms they use regularly. Without this step, you’re wasting time and money by sending information to dead air. To learn more about buyer personas, check out our free eBook.

Be Easily Accessible Online
Your website, social media platforms, blogs, etc. let potential customers connect with you and get information quickly. Research where your buyer personas spend the most time online and focus your efforts there. Remember that an inconsistent or unprofessional online presence can cause customers to lose trust in you and take their business elsewhere.

Offer Lead Magnets
Offering incentives is an excellent way to gain qualified leads. Research what your potential customers need and offer a value-adding resource—not a sales guide or a product overview—to help. In return for a free download, ask for some basic contact information. According to Janrain, over 57% of customers are okay with providing personal information on a website as long as they benefit from it; and you get a contact list filled with people who are already interested in your services. Continue to drip-market to the people on this list until they have a need for your product or solution.

Make Email Work for You
As your email list grows, make sure your content lives up to the expectations of the qualified leads who receive it. Your resources should help them live life better while moving them along your marketing funnel. This group deserves exclusive product deals, early access, and more. Include CTAs so they know what to do next. Remember to keep your buyer personas at the front of your mind when writing emails so that your content continues to be something your leads desire.

Successful marketing is hard work. Why waste your money blindly boosting Facebook posts and sending generic emails? Make the most of your valuable time and shoot for lead quality, not quantity. Mold your efforts to meet your buyer personas’ unique needs.

For help determining buyer personas or strong lead magnets, shoot us an email. We’d love to help you be more successful!






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