Cultivating Sparkling Leads

Apr 23, 2015 | Uncategorized

Cultivating a lead is very similar to growing vegetables. We can look at a few commonalities to help you produce the fruit (results) you really want:

Step 1 – It’s all about the soil

Is your soil right for what you’re trying to grow? In marketing terms, do you know the demographics of your target market? Do they have a need for your products and services? Have you tested the soil to confirm there is a need or interest? You can’t plant pumpkin seeds in gravel and expect to have a pumpkin patch in the fall.

Step 2 – Plant what you want to grow

It will sound like common sense – if you plant tomatoes, don’t expect to get carrots. How often do people create messaging that doesn’t generate the kinds of leads and sales they want? Are you clear and concise? Are you telling the right story?

Step 3 – Care and feeding

If you don’t provide sunlight and water, your flowers won’t bloom. The same goes with leads. Provide your prospects with data, information, tools, a reason to contact you, etc. Make it easy for them to reach you. Stay in touch. But, don’t stay in touch too much! If you water every 5 minutes you’ll drown your flowers.

Step 4 – We will sell no wine before it’s time!

Ok – this is a stretch for this analogy, but if the grapes aren’t ripe, Ernest and Julio Gallo won’t even be able to produce the wine to sell. No point in calling, and calling, and calling your lead. Don’t spam your prospect. Be patient! Wait until there is true interest. Only then should you harvest.

These are basics, I know – but we’re all aware of businesses not following these best practices. They are the ones that continue to go out of business.

So take time to cultivate your leads correctly. You won’t be left with an empty or underdeveloped garden of contacts. Your harvest will be full of sparkling, ripe fruit.

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