Customer Service and Social Media: How Do They Mix?

Aug 19, 2013 | Customer Service, Facebook, Social Media, Social Media Marketing, Twitter

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Imagine you’re starting up a new business. You want to provide quality service for your clients by implementing a customer support branch. After opening this branch, the number of visitors increases, but only slightly. You get the general sense that your consumers just aren’t satisfied with the service. What’s the next step? Have you ever thought about taking customer support to social media?

Yes, you heard me correctly. Social media networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, are a necessity for today’s businesses. In a world of smartphones, tablets, and free Wi-Fi, social media platforms are used more than ever. People are always updating statuses, uploading pictures, and sharing experiences with friends. These experiences could be positive or negative stories about your business.

People like what they like. What better way than to like it on Facebook? (For some tips on how to improve your Facebook page, read this article.) Facebook offers a new horizon of advantageous marketing opportunities. Customers come to your page to personally connect to your brand, so give them the best experience possible. Monitor your Facebook for comments, concerns, and questions posted by your followers. It is extremely important to interact with them on the platforms they use to communicate with you.

At some point, you may receive negative comments about your business. Your first instinct might tell you to delete the post so your company doesn’t develop a bad reputation. Instead of dismissing it, use that comment as an opportunity to learn more about your consumer needs and grow your customer service. When an adverse comment is posted, reply to it. Ask how you can make the situation better and, if possible, offer a better service in return. In most cases, do not respond in a private message. Address it publically. You want other visitors to see that you care about people and their concerns. Show your willingness to personally make things right. Obviously, too many complaints can be problematic. In this case, consider creating a new account specifically for customer support—providing a way to reply to each specific request. Make this page known to your clients. This should draw some of the negative comments away from your main profile so you can tend to them directly.

Integrating social media enhances your customer service and increases your marketing. Remember, social networks are everywhere. They’re easily accessible and personal. So, make the jump—take your customer support to the next level.

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