Delighting Customers through Transparent Business Practices

Mar 8, 2021 | 212 Articles, Customers, Strategy

Consumers nowadays have high expectations for brands. They don’t like vague promises or shady tactics. In the past, engaging clients involved flashy campaigns that grabbed attention—but now, it’s about relationships.

The most effective campaigns are less about persuasion and more about trust and expertise. In our eBook, Building an Engaging Customer Experience, we discuss the traits of successful marketing, including company transparency.

Are you creating an experience that’s captivating enough to retain your audience? Find out in our eBook.


Prioritizing Authenticity
Skepticism and risk-aversion are on the rise when it comes to consumers’ buying traits. Because of this, 86% of consumers have come to desire authenticity from brands, according to research from Sprout Social. Buyers continue proving that, more than wanting a brand to be “on trend,” they want a brand to be genuine and reliable.

A study from Forrester revealed that consumers care more about the transparency of a company’s prices than deals or sales. Buyers want to avoid the confusion that sometimes accompanies purchases, so businesses should focus on providing clear, honest information—this will allow for greater trust between consumer and company.

Protecting Customer Information
Establishing cybersecurity initiatives is another great step toward providing a safe, dependable environment for clients. With technological advancements come those who will try to breach your company and target sensitive data—these breaches affect not only your business, but also your reputation. “Eighty-six percent of consumers think that the companies they do business with could do more to protect them from fraud,” says Shep Hyken, customer service and experience expert. Security, for clients, is crucial. If your data isn’t safe, why would clients trust you with theirs? Do people know their data is safe with you?

In our fast-paced, experience-centered society, your customers’ buy-in determines your revenue. Are you creating an experience that’s captivating enough to retain your audience? Transparency is the key to establishing these lasting connections. To learn more about how to delight consumers and earn their confidence, download our free eBook.

Don’t miss out on opportunities with customers by breaking their trust. They value transparency, and so should you. Contact us to develop new strategies for connecting with your target audience.


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